questionswhat's the timeline from tattle to rip?


I believe after something is tattled on, a staff member will get notice of it and go and verify that it should be deleted/RIP'd. So I guess it depends on how busy the moderators are. Otherwise, I am not sure if there is an auto RIP if x amount of people tattle on a deal.


The only auto-RIP is when the person who created the deal expires it. Otherwise, you just have to wait until a moderator has a moment to check it out. I've seen it take seconds and I've seen it take days.


good to know, I was kind of curious about this myself.


:-D I read this question over an hour ago, and I'm still laughing. Do agree that someone will see it & RIP it. ...When they get a Roundtoit. No timeline. Do not hold your breath. Staff's often busy w/more pressing issues.


I've seen some take just minutes, others never happen.

So your timeline is between minutes and never.

The "never" seems to happen more on the weekends than any other time.


If there is a major problem it happens fairly quickly. Earlier someone posted a "deal" for "free content" from a free to view adult video streaming website. I saw it on the fresh tab where it had already received a few down votes. I tattled saying adult content to the best of my knowledge is banned and the next time I looked 20 or so minutes later it was gone. I do not know if I was the first to tattle but it was definitely removed within at 40 minute window from first posting.

As far as RIP'ing a long ago expired deal it gets pushed low on priorities and can take awhile. Based on this I have a feeling their system places priorities on new and current deals and weeds out old deals to be dealt with as workload allows. This is understandable since new deals can have major issues with either content or being a scam website as old deals have been "vetted" by the community so the issue more likely then not is just it being dead.


To answer this correctly would be about the same as trying to count the stars in the sky.