questionsare you tired of flash drives and memory cards on…


Are you tired of questions about __ being on the front page being on the front page?


just because you have an internet connection doesn't mean you have to ask stupid questions


According to your comment on that PNY flash drive deal, you bought a dozen of those drives. We're all glad that you no longer need to see deals on flash drives, but believe it or not, this site does not exist for the sole purpose of finding things for you. Other people use it too, and they may be looking for a deal on a flash drive right now.


They're on the front page because members put them there. Doesn't matter what the deal is, WE decide where it goes.


@mtm2: Over the course of a week, they seem to point to newegg a disproportionate number of times. Besides, I'm not against people posting cards/drives as deals, but front page? Really? I'm calling shenanigans.

@rprebel: That's right. I bought a ton of them and gave them away. Your straw man doesn't hold up. Go back to arguing school.

@kamikazeken: If I thought the question was stupid, I wouldn't have asked it. Just b/c you have an internet connection doesn't mean you have to be a putz.

@90mcg112: This place turned into chat central long before your time, pal. Don't blame me.


I forgot... there are no stupid questions. Just stupid people.


I just want to say - yes, I vote up the flash drives and memory cards, if they are a good deal. No matter which site is offering them.

As to there being a Newegg conspiracy, Newegg has the best prices and they include free shipping without having a membership to a special shipping fraternity or requiring you to spend X amount of dollars. That is why Newegg is usually on the front page.


"Why bother posting a flash drive or memory card unless it's a ridiculous deal like this: ?"

hey! that's my ridiculous flash drive deal!


@carl669: and we thank you for it - I was lucky enough to get a couple before they sold out.


@carl669: Isn't it fun when you get mentioned? And I love (and am responsible for some of) those flash deals. It's self-fulfilling, really. People upvote them, so I post them, which people upvote, and then I post more...oroborus has got nothing on this.


I enjoy seeing good deals on flash drives and memory cards; sorry if you don't. On a similar thought concept as yours, "Are you tired of seeing deals on Papa John's pizza? My nearest one is over an hour away! How much is ol' PJ paying his shills?". The internet wasn't designed around one person, meaning that there are a few other sites around to hang out on. :)


I know I'm sick of the flash drive and memory cards deals taking up all the space that would otherwise be taken up by ohCheri and other lingerie deals. So I'm going to start downvoting all non-lingerie deals! Who's with me?