questionsif you close your eyes, how old are you?


I'm 24, finally have a job I like, nice condo, renting of course with a roommate. Not making any money but enjoying myself and go out constantly. Did I mention I was also 60 lbs lighter?

vote-for13vote-against call it 'close your eyes'. I always say, 'in my mind's eye.' I'm 34 and happy beyond words. Still happy - but, WAY beyond 34. Red hair now white. Firm body still slim, just sagging in all the wrong places. Children adults - long ago. Have grandchildren & greats. ::Loud sigh:: Still 34. ;-)

On second thought, I'm cranky now. :-/ Okay, not real cranky. I've gained a lot of knowledge & wisdom over the years. Maybe.


I'm 26 as well. Fortunately, the only thing that has changed is the hair color: mostly brown to 50-50 brown and grey.

Oh, who am I kidding. It's 25-75.


I'm three, or perhaps four, and carefully watching a butterfly crawl out of its cocoon.

I'm 25, and overwhelmed with emotion, gazing into my daughter's eyes, and watching them change from newborn turquoise to gray.

I could do this for hours. What a sweet idea this was. XXOO to you, @magic cave and a huge bouquet of virtual roses.


What a question....

Closed: I am 22, steady girlfriend, no bills, no children, and in school.
Open: mid 30s, married, 2 (delightful) kids, job with lots of hours, lots of bills, talking to strangers on the internet.


29 years, 4 months. Half what I am now, and at the beginning of a change in the course of my life that, well, changed the course of my life! If I had to do it all over again and was 29 years, 4 months again, I don't know if I would do it all over again.


@lumpthar: No one on the internet is a stranger. I think it's fun talking to people. :)


I'd be 27, and I'd know everything I know now, 10+ years later.....


I think magic cave should get 58 bazillion quality posts for coming up with this question.

When I close my eyes I'm a kid, maybe eight, and I have no scars from surgery and most of my body is where you'd expect it to be. Suffice to say that I'm glad to have closed my eyes and found this other me.


31 years, and watching the birth of my first daughter. I blink, and now she has completed her freshman year of college on the dean's list. Life is fleeting.


I have died.

This is great indeed. sigh


My thoughts jumped spontaneously to the future, rather than the past, which surprised me! I'm in my early 40's watching my kids grow up, speaking Portuguese (my future wife's native language), and English far better than I do. :)
Till then, I'm 26, looking forward to our wedding this fall!


@dmaz: I love love love your answer.


If I close my eyes, I'm three years old, cowering in a corner and hoping someone will give me a hug.

But if I look into the depths of my heart, I'm 30, with some hard-won real-life experience; some idea of how little I know; some confidence that I know more than nothing; much gratitude for the opportunities that I've had; and full of hope for the future. In other words, exactly who I am now...

But still hoping someone will give me a hug.


20-something graduate student, dirt poor and dead tired, with bright future climbing the corporate ladder. Now 40-something stay-at-home homeschool Mama with three kids. Not-so-poor, still tired, senses somewhat dulled. What happened to that other person? Poof!

Reminds me of this question about where you once thought you would be


90, went hiking this weekend through a long cave and other places and can barely walk and hurt all over.


I'm 24, newly married, no kids, no mortgage, bureacratic job that is only temporary until my new hubbie finishes school and I can go back to grad school to be a psychologist in private practice. The future is bright and shiny!

When I open my eyes, I'm 55, married 31 years (last week), two morgages, two kids (both still at home), about to retire after 33 years in the same agency where I worked my way up from that first bureacratic job, still volunteering in the mental health field with 23 years of leading a family support group under my belt. Unpaid, of course. My hair is NOT gray, thanks to Clairol, but parts of my body are no longer quite where they were at 24. Fortunately, I still HAVE all of those parts (sans one lower molar).

The future is still bright and shiny.


I'm a 27 year old Lieutenant (Captain in Armyspeak) on my first independent assignment in Guam. Just came back from an extended exercise in Thailand, living in a nice (but exhorbitantly priced, they all are) apartment in Tamuning.

When I open them I realize I retired last year, what hair didn't fall out is shaved off, now divorced (sigh), and temporarily living in a tiny crappy apartment until I get my things sorted out, my stuff in storage and renters living in my house in Florida.


Closed: I'm 33, married for 8 years now, two young children at home, about to enroll my boy in T-ball, loving my wife even more than the day I married her...middle-level management over our Network & Switch division...

Open: I'm 25, about to be married in 3 months, no children, just bought a house that the (to-be) wife and I can live in and have room for a dog and kids some day (dog first). Working under that middle-manager that I want to replace someday! :)


@wilfbrim: Kick out the renters, come back down here, and shoot me a PM when you get settled.


Live in the moment. Don't be so worried about what things will be like in ten or twenty years. It goes by way faster than you think it will, that is the whole point of this thread. I don't think of myself as nearly as old as I am: time just has a way of speeding up when you are looking the other way.


I'd like to thank everyone who closed their eyes for a few moments and wrote to tell us about it.

I've been dealing with a bad case of the grims for a few weeks, and reading all these lovely responses helped lift me back into the sunshine for a while. Many thanks!