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I'm definitely no expert, but here's a possible option I found:

I just did a search on for "vga s-video" and this was the first choice. There were a few others. Check for yourself.

I've had good luck with meritline for a few conversion cables. I'm using an HDMI to DVI-D right now. It was $2.49.

You should also try They've been recommended on Woot before.


I was about to offer the same suggestion as @tbgolladay when I saw I was beaten to it. A converter is a cheaper solution and can also be used in other applications when you upgrade from you current equipment. At this point, S-Video is passe, everyone is going HD, so it is likely you will be looking to move up.


I actually got something similar from DealExtreme a few months ago:

But I think I got a dud. It didn't work, and wouldn't be the first time with DealExtreme where I got something broken, thought it does make me reluctant to try something similar.


In reference to the card you posted, I don't think that will work, based on the computer you linked. I don't see an AGP socket listed in the specs.


@liquidblue1: You are definitely correct. That could have been horrible. Crisis averted.

OP: I will add that PCI Express 2.0 cards are backwards compatible in 1.1 and 1.0 slots (which the computer you linked to on TD has). I purchased a similar model of HP desktops for my mother, and I noticed that the power supply only has about 4 free molex connectors, and I am pretty sure yours will not have the correct power pin to power any PCI Express card. The power connectors have either 8, 6 or 4 pins. Some models need two 6-pin connectors for power. Some models just run on slot power.

You will need to pick up one of these Molex to 6-Pin adapters. You may need a 4 or 6 pin, but you will definitely need a molex to pin type adapter.


Thanks guys! When looking at the full specs for the graphics card on the manufacturer's website, the main thing that made me go "hmmmm" was the AGP connection type. I'm so glad I checked here first.

@curtisuxor Man, that sounds like a lot more work than I was willing to put in. Maybe I'll research some more adapters.