questionschallenge: cheap mp3 players.


I wonder if anybody has a stash of 15 Sansas laying around from their BOC from 2 years ago.


I'm surprised I can't even find old used ones. Surely there are a ton of these things laying around somewhere, especially ones below 1GB.


How many are you looking for?


@skippykj: As few as 1, as many as 30. If I found one on clearance at a store, I'd buy it. If I found a bulk of 40 or 50, I'd get it if it were the right price. Ideally at least 10 right now.


It's been extremely hard to find under $10 a unit. I think it just isn't worth anyone's time to try and sell them. I looked a little at promotional junk but couldn't find any used yet. Maybe a Goodwill / Value Village run might turn up some results.
Lot of 5 used Rio Forge 256Mb $34.99 +Free shipping
Best result of a really long eBay searching session.

I could swear I should have 10 somewhere but I can only find 2 crappy 128Mb MP3 players. I did recycle a whole bunch of electronics a couple years ago so it might be all I have. I'd be happy to send you the 2 but I don't know if it's worth the shipping.

I'm curious what you could possibly be using them for.


@skippykj: I know, I looked for many hours before I made the request on here. Pretty good find on e-bay, thanks for looking. However, I wanted the usb kind because you don't need cables to hook it up to a pc and so I'm wary of those. I'll keep them in mind as a backup if I can't find what I need. The reason I want them is to give them away to people who visit my church. I'm also considering flash drives with some MP3's preloaded on to them. What are the kind that you have? How much do you want for them? They should be pretty cheap to mail as most are really light without the battery.


@thepenrod: The 2 I found look exactly like this:
Red, 128Mb, 1 AAA battery. They say Safeway on the cap, but I'm sure that can be removed.
No charge, just tell me where to send them.
I'll look harder this weekend to see if I can dig up more.


@skippykj: That's perfect, you rock. Can I send you a PM with my shipping info on the Woot side?


@thepenrod: PM away. I'll ship them Monday or Tuesday after I give my garage a more thorough look.


Done. Hopefully I did it all right.


@skippykj: I sent somebody a PM in the community of the woot side, but nobody's read it yet so I wanted to make sure it was you that I sent it to. I'm not trying to bug you, I just dislike their PM system and I do not do well using it.


@thepenrod: Sorry I didn't reply sooner. These past few days have been busy for me. I did get your PM.

My garage search did not yield any results. Next came thrift store shopping but neither Goodwill or Value Village had anything newer than a personal cd player.

I got an idea to try an electronics recycler. I went today and the 1st store was tiny and had only 4 mp3 players, so I got all despite them not being quite what you were looking for (they were cheap for the bundle). I went to a 2nd recycler, which was a giant warehouse, but they didn't have a single mp3 player! The clerk told me they seem to sell pretty fast. After doing all this adventuring, the post office was already closed but I did get a flat-rate box and have it ready to ship tomorrow.


@skippykj: Wow! You've put a lot of work into this. I nominate you for the Most Helpful Deals.wooter Award ( @jumbowoot, read the previous comments in this thread to see why I'm nominating @skippykj).

For all the 256MB and smaller MP3 players out there, there aren't any in the used stores. I checked a week ago. I don't think we have any electronics recyclers in my area and I never would have thought about that.

I read my wife your comments and she was shocked. Suffice it to say that you rock.


@thepenrod: First I would like to tank the academy..uh thank you Woot and most of all, my ADD and OCD! Oh wait. I haven't won yet? ....Well this is awkward.

This is the 2nd package I have ever sent larger than an envelope and I really wanted to pack the box and make it more worth the time and effort.
I was looking for a reason to go thrift store shopping anyways because there was a couple things I wanted.
I'm not even religious but it seemed like a worthy cause.


@skippykj: Got the package. Excellent. Thanks a bunch. I must say that the iomega was a unique experience for me. The two safeway ones were exactly what I was thinking.


@thepenrod: I figured the others weren't at all what you were looking for but I already found them and I had room in the box. They actually said the Iomega was free but he never wanted to see it again.
I'm glad you can use some. Best of luck!