questionsdoes major league baseball need a salary cap?


I think it is competitive enough without a hard salary cap.

The new CBA made the luxury tax higher for repeat offenders (50%), so that is a good thing.

And if you haven't noticed, there isn't as much money flying around this offseason as there was last season. This was a better offseason in my opinion, we had Pujols and Fielder being the notable free agents.


Disclaimer I am a diehard Red Sox fan. As much as it hurts to say this, the Yankees just won a World Series a couple of years ago. Both teams can afford to field great teams because they fill their stadiums every night. They both have regional sports networks that make them money. Both teams have started to try to become more fiscally responsible this offseason. The two most desireable free agents (Pujols and Fielder) of the past few years didn't even get passing glances from either team. The Marlins just spent a ton, and the Angels just spend close to half a billion dollars of free agents. The luxury tax is good enough. The rich pay for the lesser teams to field talent or pad their profits. Most of the time it is the latter.


Someone needs to see Moneyball! Great movie, especially if you like baseball or sports in general. It's about the Oakland A's, and how they had to cope with having such a low payroll compared to teams like the Red Sox and Yankees.