questionswhat are some fun things to do on a birthday?


Buy purple shirts? :) I suppose that might be "the day after your birthday," depending on your time zone. I usually try to make a favorite meal or go out for something if I have a craving for something that I don't cook myself. Two years ago, I bought myself Nevermore and Binge as birthday presents and wrapped them up without opening the bags, so I was surprised by which one was which when I opened them. :p This year, I went out for fish 'n' chips, which I can't really cook at home, and enjoyed the meal and the experience.

Basically, I try to do something nice for myself and I give myself permission to deliberately spend some money ($25?) on myself without feeling guilty.

Happy Birthday!!!


Boy, if only it was 18, which is probably a feeling we both share. I literally did everything that I could legally do once I turned 18 for my birthday. Made for a fun and busy day, but 17 is a bit tricky. I guess you can go see a bunch of Rated R movies by yourself now. You can also donate blood without parental consent.

Depending on your state laws, you may now be the legal age of consent, you may be able to get an unrestricted driver's license you may be able to get a hunting/fishing license.

I will suggest you keep in mind that you can and will get tried as an adult if you do something "less than legal" at this age. So, have fun but not too much fun.


Not turning 17. Just that the 17th is my birthday. Sorry to have phrased it in an odd way. =\


First off, happy birthday!

Personally, I like the spending money on yourself idea. Not too much, $25 as mentioned would be fine for me.

If you have a local sports team, you can go see a game if you are in to that sort of thing.


Too late for this year, but there are many eateries that feature some kind of freebie or promotion if you register with them online (eg; Tony Roma's Ribs, free ribs). Some might have a promotion for a birthday (free dessert, etc.). Use your favorite search engine to discover birthday deals...and pick one (or two, it's hard to get in on them all).


Happy birthday!

I'd say this answer depends on how old you are. If it's your 18th, you can buy the obligatory things that you're now legally allowed to. 21st: gotta get a good bottle of whiskey.

Actually, a good bottle of whiskey or bourbon is a good idea no matter what.

Beyond that, treat yourself to something nice. Is there something you've had your eye on for a while? Go ahead and splurge! It's your birthday!


My birthday is December 23rd, so my options are limited, especially if I don't want a Christmas theme. But when planning for other people's birthdays, I try to choose something that is outside the day-to-day usual. Last year for my best friend's birthday, in addition to the cookout, I gave him a two-person all-day pass for paintball that he and a third friend of ours could use. This year in addition to the cookout, I took him on an all-day pass to a local venue that has go-karts, bumper boats, two mini golf courses and a big arcade. For my dog's birthday two weeks ago, my friend and I took him from our desert city to the cool mountains about 100 miles away to see the forest and some deer, to a parade and several craft fairs and walk through the artsy downtown area of the little mountain village and get lots of attention (he's HUGE, so everyone wants to pet him). Basically I think anything that will make it memorable (in a good way) is a great idea.


Being a cheapskate, I find out about and sign up for all the birthday freebies I can. Then I see just how many freebies I can fit into a day. Special challenge is trying to eat all the freebie treats and stay on my calorie limit for my diet.


Happy birthday! Be sure to do something fun and uniquely you. :)

Also buy yourself something neat.


FAMILY !!! spend time with those you love...thats what I do. I have the rest of my life to party, travel, and do fun stuff. ;)


Happy Birthday!

I personally would do something with all my friends like paintballing, bowling, go karting.


happy birfday.

revenge is fun. remember to serve it cold, though.

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Happy Birthday! It's my Mom's birthday too. Woo-hoo!

For my birthday this year I took a bunch of friends out to play Whirly Ball. It's like a combination of jai alai and basketball played in bumper cars. And it's all kinds of fun. A little expensive ($150 for an hour to rent the court, up to ten people play at a time) but a whole lot of fun. Then we went out to a Mongolian BBQ place afterwards. Good stuff. I like the idea of doing something that I would have always wanted to do as a kid (or, in this case, teenager) for my birthday but never did. Next year I'm thinking of renting out one of those big inflatable jumping places for an hour and inviting all of my friends. Or maybe taking a bunch of people to one of those trampoline places.


Go eat dinner somewhere that you normally don't go, and take your SO with you if applicable.


@gt0163c: Whirly ball is so awesome! I wish we still had it here.


@bluejester: LOL, holy crap. I'm sorry. I must have been really tired, because I swore I thought you said "This October I'm turning 17".

Anyway, you can go on a restaurant run and get all the free desserts that places offer. Have fun. I remember one year, I went to 6 of these places in one day. We ordered a bunch of appetizers and drinks and had free dessert. Not too many things to enjoy past the age of 25 besides food, until you reach Senior status (55+).


Zip line. I hit up the one in Vegas last week on Fremont. So. Freakin'. Awesome.

Happy Birthday!


Thanks much for the birthday wishes guys! It was pretty fun. Had lunch with my younger brother and dad at a wing place. Decided to do some old school action and went to a local arcade for some classic gaming and go cart races. It felt like too long since I hit up a Ms. Pacman.

Finished up with the traditional cake and presents with family.

All in all, not half bad way to relax and spend a day. Although spinning out on the track several times did leave me feeling a bit woozy...