questionswhats the best android mp3 player app?


Mort Music Player is my favorite but it does not sync to anything.


I like Meridian Classic. It's the only one I've found that allows you to actually play the music in the folders by filename, rather than playlist, album, song or whatever else. I have the filenames in the order I want to play them because most of the time the ID3 info is missing.

I was very disappointed that Winamp for Android didn't allow this too, but it doesn't. Winamp does allow you to sync, but I think you do the Sync through Winamp for Windows.


PowerAmp is a very good music player that sells for $4.99 on the store and you can test drive it with a free trial version on there.

I have used a free one I found a while back called ^3 ( know like the exponent, which can make it a little hard to find on there sometimes.)

I've recently been looking to get a new one and I've heard good stuff about Android Player and SongBird, both available for free from the amazon online store.

And of course you always have the free Amazon MP3 which will allow you to purchase and play music. You can also store music on your cloud drive and stream it from there.

Haven't really tried to stream on any of the others.


The Droid X has the ability to sync with Windows Media w/o extra software.


@rlapid2112: Does it really? I just got my droid x last week so I really haven't explored the software/apps yet.


I have a friend that swears by the "Music" app. It links up to his Google Music beta thing, I think. As far as I know it's just the standard music app that comes with phones. If it isn't on your phone, it's simply called "Music" in the market.


For those who don't like links:
How can I sync music files using Windows Media Player?

- With a memory card inserted, and your phone showing the home screen, connect a Motorola micro USB data cable to your phone and your computer. Your phone should show in the status bar.

(Note: Your phone supports Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and Apple® Macintosh®. Other operating systems may not be compatible.)

- Drag down the notification bar.
- Tap USB connected to select the connection.
- Tap Mount to connect your memory card to your computer. You can't use the files on your memory card while it is connected.
- On your computer, open Windows Media Player.
- On the "Sync" tab, select "More Options". Under "Device", select your phone
- Select "Properties", check the "Create folder hierarchy on device" box, and click "OK".
- Drag your music files over to the "Sync List" and press "Start Sync".