questionsif it is illegal to purchase alcohol in my city…


Probably yes but the wine can't be delivered on a Sunday. This assumes that it is legal for you to order wine online across state lines where you live.


stupid stupid stupid stupid laws.


@kamikazeken: Nobody ever said laws were smart. The local laws reflect the society and religious conviction at the time they were enacted. Laws can be changed.


You're not buying where you live, you're buying it where Woot. wine is. Order away.

Disclaimer : I am not a lawyer.


My city is sort of similar. We cannot buy alcohol before 2 pm on Sundays.

Not sure what this is helping especially since you can still buy it by driving 2 miles to the next county or just wait until later in the afternoon.

Researching this, I just discovered it was repealed in November so we can now buy it after 7am on Sundays. Still, that doesn't make any sense to have had that law in the first place.


I can't order from wine.woot at all. Something about shipping into my state. But I can run moonshine to the neighboring states. Yee haw!


Is the law that you can't buy alcohol on Sunday or that local stores can't sell it to you on Sunday? I suspect it's the latter, in which case, go for it. Either way, I have to believe that whoever regulates that has way better things to do than worry about you ordering a bottle of wine from Woot.


@cengland0: :::cough::: You and I live next door to each other, apparently.


@jazzsinger: The Sunday blue laws don't affect the buyer; they restrict only the sellers. At least it's been that way in every city or county I've ever lived in that still had blue laws. That's why a buyer in a dry county is perfectly free to cross the county line and buy booze in a wet county.

Still hard for me to fathom the function of blue laws in the 21st century with multi-cultural residents. Of course, where I live the Southern Baptists are still a force to be reckoned with.


@jazzsinger is the winner! Look up the specific municipal code for your city, and read the verbage regarding the alcohol on Sundays. I'm 99.9% sure it doesn't say that "Residents of Third Reich City are prohibited from purchasing alcohol on Sundays."


@magic cave: I recently moved down South and I can say that it still seems to be the rule instead of the exception to still have blue laws in the North, too. Though I don't think they're as strict. Morning restrictions are the same but you can't buy liquor anywhere here on Sundays.

It's just legislation of morality, and an outdated one at that. Unfortunately, these laws are difficult to overturn because what they're banning is still sort of borderline taboo--drinking in the morning and on Sundays. And that makes it a bit of a political landmine for politicians and a social landmine for advocates, I guess. Too many people asking "why do you need this right?" instead of "why do we need to justify this right?"