questionswhich remote button would you choose?


Settings. Definitely settings.


Power. Definitely the Power button.


Input. Definitely the Input button.


How about the DVR, so I can replay my favorite episodes as many times as I like?


Rewind for sure. I'd love to go back and do some things over.


Record. I am tired of missing the kids doing stuff.


Change the channel .

ETA : and screen within a screen function. So I can be two places at one time.


What an interesting question! I'm thinking I'd have to go with Pause. I can think of so many moments where it would've been lovely for the whole world to just pause and allow me to linger in the moment for a bit.


Menu. I am a little hungry at the moment.


I'd want the play/pause button. Then I could do whatever I want and nobody would know. Feeling tired but no time to spare? Pause, take a nap, play. Need the bathroom during a movie? Pause, use restroom, play. Strapped for cash? Pause, rob a bank, play. Although I imagine that over time and with a lot of uses, I may start aging faster than those around me


Excuse the nerdiness, but if we are operating under the premise that our lives are some sort of TV show or movie, then all the rewind button would be able to accomplish is taking you back and replaying/reliving what you have already experienced. There would be no changing it in my mind making it somewhat useless to me.

I would hate the info button because I would not want to see the rotten tomatoes rating of my life to this point.

Assuming that you didn't freeze when you hit pause, you still wouldn't be able to interact with anything else. Still though, good chance to catch up on some sleep.

Fast forward you risk missing something you wouldn't want to.

Mute would be a God send at times. Also volume control for the same reason.

Power or eject? Scary but if you were terminally ill or depressed beyond helping...

So what would I pick? Probably nothing honestly.


@abramokids: John D. McDonald wrote a very nice novel (The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything), not a Travis McGee work but set in the same South Florida area with this as a premise. I'd send you to a place to buy it, but it is out of print and not available in digital form (come on Maynard [his heir, and current rights holder], get off your ass and license those works!).

As for me, I'd like a pause too, maybe a scene select so I could go back and relive some stuff. I'd like to do some deletions here and there, but those aren't available on a blu ray player.


Tracking. I'm tired of not being able to see things clear without glasses.


Definitely pause. Being able to pause everything and just take a nap whenever I wanted would be worth it. A lot would depend on other things though. Would the physics be like in the Langoliers by Stephen King where most things don't work because they are out of phase with your time?

Pausing to read for pleasure or work, to let a cold or flu run its course without interfering with anything, or so you never walk away from some situation only to come up with the perfect come-back 30 seconds too late would all be great.


Pause. My kids are growing up WAY too fast...

Just spent the weekend with my brother's family in honor of his oldest kid's graduation. Seeing all the pics of him as a little guy (my kid's age and younger) made me sad to realize it will be happening to me in just a few short years...


Folks, some of you aren't thinking this through.

If you had 1 button...

If you choose rewind or fastforward, there's no pause/play button. You would continue to rewind or fast-forward until the beginning or end, respectively.
If you choose pause, you may not be able to un-pause(play). The smartest thing would be to have a pause/play dual-function button.

If we could interact with the universe, I would choose the "Back 30 seconds" button. I tend to live in the past in my mind, I might as well take it to reality. I'd be able to prevent people from getting killed in accidents that I witness and I have a few things to tell my younger self/do as my younger self. Hmm, do we become our younger selves if we go back in time or do we exist separately from our younger selves?

If I could not interact with the universe (we could just view things), I would choose a Slow-Mo/Play button. If that's not a real button, the Pause/Play.


But pause would jsut stop everything. you want the slow button.


@curtisuxor: and that is the exact reason why I specified a "play/pause" button. Yes, some remotes have it so that when you press pause again, it unpauses, but I wouldn't risk the possibility that I got a cheaper life remote


@abramokids: I checked my old DVD remotes. One (Brand: Sharp) had a pause function that did not play (un-pause) if it was pressed again. My Panasonic and Sony ones both had dual function pause/play.

Scary stuff.