questionscan i get the shower head from the windgate?


I'd think the easiest way would be to call the hotel directly and ask for the brand, never hurts to ask : )


@goldiemcg: You're certainly not wrong but this way is more fun. ;)
But more seriously, I tried looking at the shower head itself back at the hotel and didn't see a manufacturer on it. I figured that would probably translate into the desk staff not really knowing the answer. You're right though, it certainly can't hurt to ask. I doubt I'm the only person who wants to buy one of those shower heads. lol


Steal it from the hotel - they have your credit card number ;-)


While the typical staff member may not know, someone in the maintenance side would. Maybe they can actually get the correct info, or point you in the right direction.


Did some research. It's called the Moen Revolution, part number 21070W. It's been discontinued, but I will post a link if I find one in-stock.


As recently as this past weekend, this showerhead has been listed on eBay:

Good luck! That seems to be about your only chance.


I missed the first "the" in the title on first reading and thought this was about something else. Good luck finding your shower head! You might try calling some smaller hardware stores, or perhaps specialty plumbing stores if there are any in your area; I've been able to get some discontinued products that were still languishing in inventory that way.


part number 21070W. It's been discontinued