questionswhat router would you recommend with dd-wrt?


@chris12345: Thanks, I just went through it and based on what I could find in the DD-WRT Router Database, only one of the routers mentioned has more than 4MB of flash, the Netgear WNDR3700. A summary of the routers mentioned:

Router ------------- Chipset ----- Flash/RAM - DD-WRT build
Linksys WRT54GL ---- BCM5352 ----- 4MB/16MB -- v24 preSP2 13064
Linksys WRT150N ---- Broadcom4704- 4MB/16MB -- v24 preSP2 14896
Linksys E1000 v1 --- BCM4716A ---- 4MB/32MB -- v24 preSP2 16785
Linksys E1000 v2 --- BCM5357 ----- 4MB/32MB -- v24 preSP2 16785
Netgear WNR2000 V2 - 4716B0 ------ 4MB/43MB -- v24 preSP2 16785
Netgear WNDR3700 --- AR7161 ------ 8MB/64MB -- v24 preSP2 14896
D-Link DIR-615 E1 -- AR7241 ------ 4MB/32MB -- v24 preSP2 15778
D-Link DIR-615 E3 -- AR7241 ------ 4MB/32MB -- v24 preSP2 15778

(Near as I can figure, 4MB Flash may be ok for my needs, 8MB will be.)


(Sorry, the table simply does not format well in this interface.)

(BTW- Another reason for posting this question was that the woot leaderboard suggested that I need to post questions to increase my rep.)


>I've looked at the DD-WRT forums a little, but quite frankly, what I saw was
>a bunch of sarcastic arrogant jerks claiming to know it all and yet refusing
>to answer most questions from noobs because they feel it is too much work to
>do so.

and you expected things to be different here why? ;)


@pinchecat: Not so much different as just a place where I am a bit more comfortable. And the first response to me actually was helpful.


I have two Buffalo routers running it and it is running OK. I have them in bridge mode to my entertainment center (so the TV, BluRay, XBOX, TiVo, etc all think they are wired).

However, about two weeks ago I bought an Asus RT-N16 (there was a MIR, may still be) and am running TomatoUSB on it. Absolutely love it; you may want to look at that option too since you didn't buy the hardware yet. Actually, I think it will run DD-WRT or OpenWRT also, and it has buttloads of RAM in it.


I'm using the Asus RT-N16 - Veddy nice, wireless N,128 MB RAM, 500Mhz proc (I think) .. Picked it up on a deal on Amazon some months back, have had 0 issues and it's quite a beast so u can run some extras.


While in general I'd agree with the Buffalo suggestion, avoid the wz-hp-g300nh. I gave up on the dd-wrt builds and switched to openwrt and it's been much more stable.


While in the past I would have agreed with the Buffalo suggestions, avoid the wzr-hp-g300nh. Switching from dd-wrt to openwrt increased functionality and stability significantly for me.


Though it is not SIMULTANEOUS dual-band, I have been quite happy with the WRT320N I got off of eBay. Added a couple of external antennas to it without much effort, you can get a kit for those on eBay too. Main reason I went with that was the gigabit ethernet, though I have so many wired devices now that I had to add a gigabit switch to that as well.