questionswhat is your definition of a "hipster"?


To me, it's kind of like a politician. It can be anything you want it to be, you just know you want nothing to do with it...


It is vague, but most often used in reference to what and how they dress, wear their hair, etc. As the link above suggests, music, reading material, and attitude can all play a part.


A mainstream group of late teens-early 20s college students who refuse to believe they're in a mainstream group.


I tend to associate anyone that drinks Starbucks and tells everyone that their new Apple product is better than anything they own with being a hipster. Honestly, there are times that I just want to punch some people in the face. Like I give a @#$% about what you think!


Let's simplify it a bit. They are people who believe that what they like is better than what you like because it's either

1) newer than what you like
2) much older that what you like, therefore it's "retro"
3) thoroughly impractical, making them feel special for being so far from the mainstream

Plus they must feel the need to make their opinions known about those things they like in an external manner, such as their clothes, personal style and mannerisms.


People who conform to be similar to one another, and are hyper-mainstream... yet believe they are "unique" and "different".


- Uses Instagram.
- Shops at Urban Outfitters and/or American Apparel.
- Mustache.
- Eco-Friendly.
- Vintage.

I think I nailed it right.


As far as the term hipster goes, I feel torn between two answers... it's either "I don't know" or "I don't care". I must not get out enough....


@capguncowboy: my iPhone and iPad3 is superior to all of your android devices put together.... =D


@joshobra: Dammit! I wanted to shave the chin portion of my goatee for a very silly yet awesome moustache. Now I'll have to shave it all off! :{)}


@lumpthar: Oooooops! I'm not against hipsters though! I think I am one myself!

Seriously, who goes to school with cargo shorts, wayfarer glasses and slippers all year long? I does!


If more than 25% of your income is spent on stuff you "enjoy" ironically rather than actually enjoy, you're probably a hipster.

"Dude, bring over some PBR, we can watch my VHS collection of old The Facts of Life episodes dubbed in Turkish!"