questionswhat color should i paint the interior of my '66…


Do you want the restoration to be historically correct? Whatever the original colors would have been would be the answer then.


I would like for you to paint it Robot Silver. To commemorate the ancient mechanical wonders.


Purple is nice. Maybe even a light violet, to match the Shark Navigator. There is also orange. I like Competition Orange. You could also paint it yellow; yellow's a good color too.


@klozitshoper: I'm trying to keep it mostly original, but I'm willing to change a few things if it'll make it look a lot better. The original gray interior is kind of sad looking. Plus, my alma mater's colors are maroon and white, and I thought that would look really nice with the maroon exterior.


@misuhsipee: I remember the dull colors of the autos in the 40's (late) and 50's - at lease what we had. I don't think I was paying a lot of attention in the 60's (no money, no car). I think that as long as you are flexible in not having an exact replica, just go with whatever pleases you. The alma mater colors sound cool.