questionsif you could be a deal on deals.woot, which deal…


I would also like to be an @ocheri deal, but I'm thinking something seasonal like Santa Claus. BTW, sexy is in the eye of the beholder, you know. ;)


I think @ohcheri could have a lot of new models !

I post a lot of music deals, I would probably be one too. A lot of variety, music for every mood.
Or the ability to shut it off and have "silence". Better put me in for some Sensa/MP3 player/Ipod deals too.
The peepers are singing very loudly tonight. That's some good music. : )
I guess if I were an ipod there would be an app for that =P


@jsimsace: you'd probably get tazed. I'd rather be one of wootbot's spam deals. At least NO ONE EVER deletes or RIPs those


@gmwhit: ". . . I'm beyond the normal age for sexy."

Oh, pish and tosh, as used to be said. No such thing.


I would like to be a bacon deal, because everyone loves bacon. And everyone loves deals. So I would be doubly good.


I'd wanna be a freebie, because then everyone would want me :-)

but then again, I'd never be popular...


@nmchapma: Nah, I think you would be an "expired" deal. You seem to be in the crosshairs lately (as far as getting comments deleted). How many whammies have you gotten?


@hot72chev: shhhhhh! please whisper so the angry mods don't hear me. But yes, good point. I'd like to officially change my answer.

Yes, I've had lots of comments deleted lately. Some I knew would disappear. Others, like in the FAQ question, I didn't expect. It seems I am responsible for somewhat "getting the ball rolling", so even if I am being consturctive I'm in danger of being censored or at least a nice downvote.


@nmchapma: Every community needs a good instigator. "Kid, you got moxie!"


@hot72chev: Now my question for songs about deals is gone. don't worry I'll have another up soon


@nmchapma: That was a really good question, too!

They Whammied you again!


I think I would like to be one of those outrageous deals that everyone loves but nobody can really afford. You know, like a home built in an underground rocket silo for several million dollars. That way, folks with a sense of humor will giggle, others will troll, and lengthy comment posts will ensue. In other words, any attention is good attention, right?


I would be one of those DVD/Blueray deals for movies that everyone probably already owns, but still gets posted from time to time. I probably would get the occasional upvote when people have a twinge of nostalgia because the product reminds them of happier times.


I'd be the one that gets super popular super quickly and then removed, for no apparent reason, sparking a weeklong debate when I disappear.


I'd be an ohcheri double sided g-string


@iggz: Argh! Now I need a deal on brain bleach!


I'd be a stupid Google doodle question.