questionsany suggestions for a good point and shoot camera?


This is a fairly old model, but I think it fits your criteria. It has a built in flash so it's good for low lighting. I assume the quality is pretty good though since it's a reliable company. I'm not sure how many DPI, but it's REALLY cheap. I'd buy 12 if I were you.


In all seriousness, most cameras these days have a bunch of fancy stuff built in. The fancier the camera, the better. You may be best off getting all the bells and whistles and just not using them all. But then again, I may not be the best person to ask since I use a fairly professional camera.


The main problem with your criteria and price point is that - in order to get a camera that does well in low light situations you need a camera with a fairly large sensor.(we're not talking about secondary illumination like a flash, although that's useful)

you also don't want a sensor that's packed to the max with megapixel.. if you have two cameras, with the same size/ type sensor... the one with the lower pixel density will get better pictures, every time. (ie: a 1/2.3" sensor with 10 megapixels will have less artifacts/ higher clarity, and better low light performance, than the same sensor with 16 megapixels packed in)

Anyway to cut with the chase. despite the extras - most of the time when you're shopping up in cameras, you're also getting larger sensor sizes. Point and shoots in general aren't the best (unless you're talking about a near-slr superzoom or the like) (continued)


To cut to the chase - the very camera you mentioned - the s95.. is pretty much the best pocket cam you're going to find right now - in all light conditions.

If you want to move up a size notch to "almost" pocket sized - the g11/g12 are both extremely good.

if you don't necessarily need pocket sized or portability- look at canon's sx series. You can get the sx20IS under 300 but its not small.

The low light performance is really your catch... I too was on that quest, and spent a ton of money buying, then reselling cameras at a loss because they didn't have the low light performance i wanted. I wanted to avoid an SLR at the time, and the only ones that were acceptable, were either the almost pocket sized (like the g11) or the almost slr (like the sx series, or the fuji hs10, etc)

I still have and use my sx1 for most things, but there's little comparison to a full frame sensor in an SLR.


I have a Nikon Coolpix. It's a really nice camera for my purposes, as I don't know, nor do I care about the settings that a DSLR brings.


get one with extra zoom. never knew how awesome large optical zoom was.

got a panasonic x12 zoom with leica lens on woot ~$150 very good pics and fast.


Love my Nikon Coolpix - 12 megapixels, 3.6x Zoom and an easy auto mode. I may also add that it is pretty durable too. I have a 4 year old son and it has taken some abuse. I think I only paid like $120 for it. I have had many point and shoot cameras but this one is best by far in my opinion.


We have had a Panasonic Lumix for 4 years. We originally bought it to go on a trip to Africa. Just this weekend we had people over and several of them commented on pictures we had hanging up, asking where we bought them. It has an excellent optical zoom which made all the difference.

You can read more here


I like the Canons myself. I have an SX110 that I've had for a couple years now, and I really like the pictures. I've gotten better low light pictures with this camera than I have with other point and shooters, but it's taken a bit of playing with the camera's manual settings, and the images can still be blurry or noisy depending on the circumstances.

One thing I'd recommend is searching by camera on Flickr. That way you can see lots of images taken by people with a particular model of camera. Sometimes that can help if you're on the fence about which camera to purchase.


The Canon Power shot sx 130(or100, 120,we have all) is very good in lowlight and takes great pictures. We have some family members who only use the auto setting for point and shoot, while others like to change the ISO, etc in manual. the pre-set modes for snow, etc are handy. The stability control feature is also helpful in low light. it is about $225. Excellent zoom and video is also on it. Incredible camera for the money, and you can ignore the extra features.


right now on moofi:

$114.99 + $5.00 shipping
# 12MP digital camera boasts a 24mm ultra wide-angle and a 15x Super-zoom lens

some say its a bit slow


Well as the owner of I would like to welcome you to any questions you may have. Our email is We have various digital cameras to suit every photography need. We have cameras for children up to the advanced shooter. My personal favorite for basic needs is the Nikon Coolpix. It's easy to use and the Nikon transfer software is simple to use on any pc or lap top.