questionshave you seen tracergod's "legendary bag of crap…


@j5: We talk LOTS!, but we both needed sleep last night too so we said goodnight before midnight Woot time. Then I went off to finish off some other work in another room before checking what was new on Woot ...

It was a complete coincidence!


@75grandville: same here - buy a shirt that I like but know won't fit right & not last many washes or let it pass...


I was really excited when I saw they included @tracergod 's shirt! I shouldn't be tooo surprised though, woot is (sometimes) smart about posting items that the community shows interest in.


Very nice. So much to choose from today, I'm feeling overwhelmed!


@neuropsychosocial: Thanks for posting! @tracergod: Now I have to choose between my vow of "No More Woot Shirts After the American Apparel Debacle" and your really cool design.

Although my vow of abject poverty complicates things, as does JumboWoot's latest present.

Hmm... (Mulls this over while drinking coffee from a paper cup with a crudely sketched version)


I like it, I was wondering where it came from. Nice job.

I am also tempted to get a Random Shirt Shirt. This is because pretty much any shirt that is primarily white, I imagine tie-dyed and it is instantly appealing.


@neuropsychosocial, @narfcake: Don't you people talk to each other? You'd think things like this could be avoided. :)

NC: Hey! Look! tracergod's design got printed!
NPS: Cool! I'll post about it.

See how easy that is?

j5 j5

For posterity--

Just might have to pick up an LBOC tote this time!


Reaaly cool design! As an avid coofee drinker and a guy that collects coffee mugs, is that coffee mug with the BOC design being sold? I'd love to purchase that!


@narfcake: haha, even the wording is almost verbatim.. Good times.


thanks narf and neuro. I wasn't too surprised when I was contacted with a "tsk tsk, better not sell that" from woot, but I was when they wanted to use it. Big thanks to Pablo and Travis for all the work they put into it. Now, there is sooo much fun stuff to buy this morning, what shall I get.. wanders off in deep thought


@narfcake: That's generous of you, but it's usually the first thread that stays, right? And we all know the tags don't stick around very long. :)

(I'm both amused and amazed, however, at how similar our posts are: even the structure is nearly identical. That totally made me laugh. We might be very far apart right now, but shirt.woot.number.nerd minds work alike!)


@neuropsychosocial: We think alike, don't we?

I just tattled on my posting ... your tags are better. :)


@carl669: I checked before I posted by pulling up the most recent questions and no one had posted about it yet. I wanted to make sure that the DWers saw @tracergod's design over at shirt.woot and that we all had the chance to say congratulations! I'm so excited to see it available for purchase! (Although I would have loved it on a mug!)


@narfcake beat you to it

but, your tags are better. so, we'll call it a draw.