questionshow long do woot take to answer emergency order…


If you've gotten an automated email, they'll likely get to it in the order received. :)


@inkycatz: Haven't even gotten any automated emails yet.


Emailing is the right call. Since you seem to have caught it pretty early, I'd imagine you'll be okay.

I've only had to email them a couple times, and it was over account issues as opposed to order issues. They've typically gotten back to me within a couple hours.


@spawan: Usually the message is automatic (within minutes). You can always check your spam folder for the confirmation email. If not, send another message. Or perhaps @inkycatz can notify someone in CS to look around for it. Same thing happened to me the other day, sent multiple messages but never got the auto message. Luckily mods caught on thanks to my question and got my problems all figured out. Top notch customer service.


@thedogma: Caught it, and sent email within a minute. Just a little worried since it is already been more than 3 hours.


@spawan: We answer emails in the order they come in, but I was able to track it down and reply.

Maybe check your junk mail folder if you haven't heard from us in a couple hours.


Just got an email. Thank you all. You guys rock!!


Regardless of what you may hear, you folks at are the best in my book. Props also to the mods that I notice, @inkycatz and @thunderthighs . You ladies deserve a raise. ;)


@jsimsace: They absolutely are the best bunch of people. I screwed up ordering a gift for my dad earlier in the year. I thought it was going to be a UPS delivery so I put down his physical address rather than his post office box (UPS delivers to his small cabin deep in the woods. It's great!). While I knew the delivery was returned back to Woot, I couldn't figure out when they had credited my account. C/S Justin got back to me with the info in just a few hours. I just wish there was a method of being able to thank them when they help me that doesn't generate a new issue number.