questionsdoes the purchaser experience display need to be…


I just hit 50 purchases in the last woot-off, and upgraded to a purple square, so your numbers aren't quite right.


@sully51: Let me restate, sorry for the confusion. Also, thanks for the post on why things are the way they are. I always did wander how they picked 25 as the dividing level.

With the amount of people with black boxes (purchases over 100), it is time to add greater than 100. (There seem to be quite a few Wooters with purchases over 100 that there would be several that would be purchasing each item.)


It's actually only a color/mark identifying the most active here. I personally don't have a problem with the current system, and I'm posting with a black triangle/square here. +1 on the question btw.


It doesn't matter to me, I love Woot either way. I'm sure there are a bunch of people though who have a ton of Woots that would love to be recognized for it.


I realize this question hasn't had any activity in 2 months, but why bother making a new question when mine is essentially the same. I was just thinking about the black square and how when it was first changed I had to make a few more purchases to achieve it again. Now though, I'm in 200+ territory but everyone with 100+ is sharing my black square. I agree that since the site design has changed maybe it's time to change the thresholds required to attain certain squares, or add new higher tiers of squares that previously were only dreamed of.