questionswant a package from mortimer?


here's the text from the facebook post, in case anybody is interested:

"Want in on this Apocalyptic care package from Mortimer? Only until 12 pm CT, email with "Surviving the Apocalypse in Style!" as the subject line"


Another one is up on Facebook, Posting here to share:

We have no idea where Mortimer got this stuff, but if you want a chance at getting it- until 1:30pm CT, email with “Chillin’ With Some End of the World Provisions!” in the subject line. Terms & conditions over here:


Tanks for postin', I'm so busy with emails right now I won't be able to chat with the Deals peeps or comment here much, but feel free to @-me if you have any questions, comments or DEEP SEATED HATRED FOR FACEBOOK you need to get off your chest!


@agingdragqueen: Facebook wouldn't be as bad (still bad though in my opinion) if it wasn't blocked at work for me and many others. I do appreciate the world of woot postings as well as the help from my friends over hear on the deals side to know when the next chance is active


And Another!

Big surprise, Mortimer no longer needs this infant sleep sack, but maybe you do? If you'd like a chance to nab this set, until 3pm CT- email with "Havin' Fun In The Apocalypse!" as the subject line. Full terms & conditions here:


Here's one more:

Mortimer's not really a fan of the iJunk, so who knows how he got a hold of these things. If you'd like a chance to win- until 4:30 pm CT, email with "iStuff Will Still Work, Right?" as the subject line to enter. Terms & conditions here:


Can I just say that I don't like Facebook but agingdragqueen is Awesome!


Shame that the normal wooter just gets passed over for these things anymore (by WooT, not by the awesome Deals memebers!!!)...A LOT of people refuse to Facebook for SEVERAL reasons, a main one being security/privacy issues.....I realize "new" customers are better than old, but forgetting your old ones is never a good thing....


I never understood the issues with facebook privacy.. I mean if you don't want to post stuff on the web with them you don't have to. You don't have to not have an account. Just don't give them real info lol. Call your self Ima Fake or something else silly and ta da! your on facebook. If you need an email let me introduce you to gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, and countless others which are free as well.

Though I must admit the best way not to be tempted to share stuff you don't want is to not do it at all. So there is some value to it. I suppose




A package from a sarcastic monkey? I think I already know what's in the box...


@curtisuxor: Does Monkey Po make good fertilizer??