questionslooking for a good telescope


When I was looking to buy one for my husband, I called the local planetarium ( and they were quite helpful giving me guidelines on what to look for in purchasing one.

This was quite a few years ago so I am sure that they have newer recommendations, so I am not including the information they gave me.


You can have mine. Due to some stupid court order, I'm no longer allowed to own one.....


@captainsuperdawg: Are you serious or just screwing with me?


I bought one that lets me see Uranus.


how much one scope like that will cost and the best one i bought is one like this: it meet all my needs !


This web site has a lot of good information: . In general, reflectors seem to be good for viewing deep space objects, while refractors are preferred for moon and planetary viewing. I have a fairly cheap 4.5" reflector, and it gives great views of the moon and planets, although I think the eyepieces are not very good quality and it is difficult to get a sharp image at higher magnification.


Second the site. First off I would say don't expect to see the images that you do in books or on TV. You can get very good views of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (Venus is a bright spot that goes through phases like the moon) depending on the quality and aperture size of the scope.
A reflector will give you the best bang for your buck. Have you considered binoculars? They are more natural with both eyes open, I first saw Jupiter and the Galilean moons with binoculars. There are also books and audios for learning the sky, a 'go-to' scope eliminates some of that, but I think you should know what you're looking at or where to look.
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