questionsnoisy neighbors - any advice?


Is it the daughter having parties, or the owner?

If it's the owner, I'd probably just call the cops. If it's the daughter, it might be nice to confront the owner to make sure he's aware of the problem. But then if it's an underage drinking situation I'd still probably just call the cops. I'm evil that way ;)


Personally, I don't feel I need the confrontation so I would call the cops. In my younger days, the cops got called to my house a few times and it never was that big of a deal.


If you feel comfortable talking to them, it might be a good idea. The next time they have a loud party, go to their house & introduce yourself. Tell them where you live & explain that the music/noise is very loud at your house. Try not to be angry when talking to them, just 'neighborly.'

This may seem odd, but they simply may not know that the noise is bothering other people. Rude & thoughtless? Of course they are! And yet, if no one's said anything, they may assume no one cares or is bothered.

If that doesn't may the police. Ask your neighbors to call, too.


Talk to them, say that the noise has been bothering you and others. If he's receptive, that should be the end of it. If not, then come again the next time and say that if it happens again, you'll call the cops.

Also talk to the neighborhood watch/ association if any such exists. If he's breaking any of the community bylaws, they could cite him. Or at the very least, it gives you someone to talk to him instead of having to do it yourself


Talk with him--then talk with him again--call the police~


Did anyone else click on this just to see if they were the noisy neighbor?


I wouldn't waste my time going over there to speak with them. If they're ignorant enough to play music that loudly outside at midnight during the week then they aren't going to do anything just because you asked them to. And besides, if you go speak with them and then call the cops then they'll know it was you that called them. Or even worse, your neighbors may call the cops and the noisy neighbor still thinks you called them when you didn't.


Call the police, it is not your job to enforce laws. If you talk to the neighbors and if the neighbors are spiteful jerks, they will not stop anyway and then when the police are called (even if it not you doing the calling) you will get blamed in their eyes.
Our neighbors had parties on weekdays too, the Dad is well respected in our town and bought the house for them so he did not work. Our police were all but useless because of the Dad, and the loud neighbors would turn it down long enough for the police to leave and then back up when they left. We think they blamed the house to the north because on his last day there before he went to prison he drove his car into his back yard and turned his car stereo up and ran it for hours.

edit: sorry @yessahh: I started writing this before you posted

double edit: to the OP do not let it get in your head. Does the situation suck, yes, but you can make it worse by dwelling on it.


What's the daughter look like? That would influence my decision.


Better than my neighbors.
3 fresh out high school kids (who are on the lease), there are at least 5 in this 2 bedroom. Been next to me for 3 months or so now.
First week, they are partying at 3 am on a Wends. Not Cool!
Second week, shots bust out from their place at another weeknight party. Cops come beating on doors at 3-4am.
Vacuuming at 2-3 in the morning.
They live in the shower. That thing runs non-stop.

Trade ya!


Have you tried attending the parties?


Man up, go over there and calmly ask them to be shut up. If they don't then call the cops. It's pretty simple but don't just call the cops right away. Give them a chance to be human.


Been living next to noisy neighbors for 13 years!! I have 5 acres and still have to deal with it!!! Super hillbilly type man and women who "junk" for a living, meaning cars and such start getting cut up at approx. 6 a.m. daily and if that isn't bad enough, they have a dog that is tied out and barks 24 hrs. a day!!! I love dogs!!! I have 4, but that dog I curse!!! The worse part is that they down and out battle the entire day, every day, using every word you could think of to tell each other off ,ALL DAY. I also have two kids, youngest 4, who get to hear this anytime they want to play outside! What to do? I don't know! If we call the cops they'll know it was us, and they are the spiteful,vengeful type. We go away camping several times a year and I wouldn't want them on my bad side. So we suffer, every single day! Good luck to you!!


If you live where there are noise ordinances, just call the cops. If not, then you have to confront them.
Feel free to pick up a db meter from Radio Shack or similar and video the event for evidence, should you need it.

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flamming dog poop on the front door stoop, works every time


I'd call the police, but start with the town. Many towns have noise ordinances. For example, they may be able to be loud until 9pm, so being loud until midnight (or beyond) would be a violation of a town ordinance. You can record the loud noise late at night as proof. As well, you can take photos of cars in the street (or parking on people lawn, or whatever). Document it!

Sometimes they will send a letter based on complaints alone (get a few neighbors to call as well). Then, call the cops if it continues since that would then give the town something to use to take them to court. The police alone would make them quiet down, but not make them stop. The town can make them stop.


I had neighbors like that. Even though the city had noise ordinances, they seemed to think it didn't apply to them. On holidays, it got worse - 3-4AM. I just kept calling the police. After each police visit it would quiet down. Eventually, they moved. I guess the fines for being a nuisance did them in.


Slap a fake eviction notice on their door when they aren't there and cite noise complaints on it. Even though they will find out it's not real, they will probably freak out until they find out.


Fill their house with dead fish. Haven't you seen dirty work?


You can get about 1000 crickets at most pet stores for less than $20.

Cheap syrup liberally applied will attract lots of ants.

A few pieces of leftover meat/fish will attract any stray cat in the area.

Paraffin burns clean without leaving a residue.

Put their car on craigslist for a low but not unreasonable price.

Advertise their yard sale - starting at 5:00am.

OR you could be an adult. Not as much fun, though.


Thanks for the replies, everyone.

I'll talk with my fellow annoyed neighbors and suggest we all go over at the next party and start out being polite. I'll also definitely take some video in my yard of the noise (good suggestion!)

I did poke around online and found out the owner's name and got a lot of info on them - very helpful but creepy I could find so much inside of 5 min. The daughter is about 24, he looks to be in his 50's. All her FB pics are of the boozy sort, so I don't hold out much hope for her being cooperative. I'm hoping the dad is receptive.

We live outside the "city" boundaries in unincorporated county, even though it is solid 'burbs for miles. So not sure if we have noise ordinances, but I'll definitely check the county website to find out.


I had a noisy downstairs neighbor that moved in, and they were loud multiple nights in a row, standing below my bedroom laughing, talking, smoking, at 4AM. I walked onto the balcony below them, and screamed at the top of my lungs, SHUT THE F**K UP! OR I'M CALLING THE COPS!!!! Thankfully, they honestly were not loud again.


Another vote for the police/deputies. That is a part of their duties, not yours. What if you knocked on the door and was met by someone who was fried and had a gun leveled at you? Not worth it in my book.


I'm genuinely surprised at the number of people who aren't willing to speak to a member of their neighborhood to try to solve a simple problem.

Try stopping by and letting them know - they may be from a neighborhood where that level of noise is welcome. If they aren't receptive, then involve the cops. But I believe that calling the cops before having a simple conversation is the wrong way to go. Put yourself on the other side of this, imagine you are doing something to annoy/disturb your neighbors and they don't come speak to you, but send the police to your door...


@ittybittyx: Sounds like a great plan.

We've had noisy/crappy neighbors a few times - some were receptive to a conversation, others weren't. I hope these guys are cool to you and cooperate. If not, cops. If that doesn't work - we had some not-so-nice solutions if you want them.



Thanks! I'll definitely keep you in mind if need be.

Just in case being polite doesn't work well, I've decided "It's a Small World" played on repeat ad nauseum thru a bullhorn should be sufficient to drive anyone back into their house. Am trying to think of other super-annoying songs to keep in my back pocket if needed. Hopefully the dad will be receptive and put the kabosh on the outside noise.

Another neighbor (and good friend) built a bar in his garage a couple years ago. He's always very considerate and closes the doors after 10pm. I'm hoping he'll come over to the noisy neighbors with us and be able to appeal to them as the "party guy" on our block.

I'll report back as progress is made! :)


@wickedd365: they sound awful. Can you and the other neighbors just keep calling the cops on them? How about appealing to the apt owner? I wonder if he gets daily calls of complaints it will become too much of a pain in the ass for him to ignore.

@caffeine_dude: Before he went to prision?!? Sounds like a gem of a neighbor. You have my sympathies!

@traymaz: Holy cow! Are their no other neighbors to band together with about the hillbillies? I can't imagine having to live with that nonsense for so long.


@capitalggeek: will definitely keep your suggestions in mind if being a polite adult doesn't work. Two of the guys on my street would LOVE to help with this sort of thing. Hopefully it doesn't come to that - but I'm gonna have to do the crickets to someone at some point!


@ittybittyx: I've knocked on the door a few times just to get blown off when I ask them to quiet down. I have called cops. Cops take way to long to show up, by time they get there it's too late or I have gone back to sleep somehow.

It's a townhome setup, they are the last apt of 4 on the end so I get 90% of the noise.
Myself and the neighbor next to me have both called cops and told the building owner. He swears they are "good kids" and refuses to listen. I told him when I met them and showed them the place I didn't like them and got a bad vibe. My first experience with them was them blocking my driveway and wouldn't move as I was coming back from lunch. The neighbor at the end of the building hates them too.

IDK what to do, but I did decide that the babies crib is going on that wall last night. They can have their fun, till Jan. :insert evil laugh: