questionsrock band beatles - best way for me to get going…


it supports at least 2 guitars (1 for bass) and I believe up to 3 (maybe 4?) mics.

I started the RB series with the full Beatles kit and really enjoyed it since I knew all the songs. Then I moved back down to RB2 and actually have enjoyed it in some aspects more due to the variety.

Not really much help here on accessories - I did get extra guitar as gift but i think it was full $99 price or something from Amazon.

I guess this $30 on game alone (360 platform) was a better deal than I realized at the time (now back to $60 there)


@snapster: I never did get that second guitar, and now my RB2 guitar died. And to top it off, you can't find a guitar anywhere nowadays.


which platform/console do you have? I recently moved from Wii to PS3 for rockband 3 and I have several Wii guitars from my beatles kit that I think are not going to be compatible