questionsis anyone else having a problem with yahoo! mail?


Be patient. Apparently they updated some things (and will want you to choose two pointless security questions as a part of it). I strongly recommend finding an actual computer to get through this. I managed to update an account after a few minutes of annoyance.

Yahoo has apparently borrowed the woot off servers.

{Yes, there are reports elsewhere of people not getting through.}


Yep. First was the back-up email biz. Then new security policies that you have to accept, and accept, and accept, and accept...a loop that refuses to end.


@pamfenway: You didn't need to give them a backup email. That step is optional. You only have to choose two security questions (and I made up my own, which are not repeatable here, due to language).

I hate security questions. Biggest waste of time, ever. Complete security theater.

It'll probably take a day or two for the servers to settle back down.

[Edit: Interesting. It appears to be settling down already. They may have backed out some changes.]


I couldn't log in earlier, but it just opened for me. No security question request, it just opened normally.


@shrdlu: Yeah I should have been more clear. After I coudnt get my mail app to work, I got on the computer to do the rest. Yahoo always breaing something.

There we go. Seems to be fixed now.


Now im convinced I am not getting e-mail. I ordered something from Best Buy, but I still havent got the e-mail, so I sent myself a test e-mail, and it also has not arrived yet. Sending an e-mail to myself shouldnt take this long.


Yes. Y!mail went (may still be, for some) down. It is up for me now but was glitching something fierce.


Had no problems accessing Yahoo Mail via my PC, but could not from my Android phone. It told me to log in from a computer first. So using the phone i went to, logged in, and from there it launched the Yahoo Mail app and I was back in.

so if you're on a mobile device and still can't get your mail, log in to via the device browser and that should handle it.


Emails are slowly trickling in, but I am still missing an order confirmation from Best Buy, and the original test message I sent myself.


YMail has been a problem for me throughout the past month. Hopefully the others are right about "work" being done, and hopefully all will be solved.


It's been up and down for the past couple weeks.
I use this site to see if there is a huge problem.

It is showing a problem


@wickedd365: Thats an amazing site. Bookmarked. Thank you.


There are people who use Yahoo Mail?


@llandar: For the past 10 years. I dont intend to switch either


@teenracer6: Very sharp recommendation to bookmark!! Did it and left you the positive thing!!!


Mail seems to be working OK here.