questionswhen was the last boc?


Probably the normal xmas BOC was the last.


Which goes a long way toward 'splaining why I no longer pay much attention to woot-offs.


There wasn't a Christmas BOC this past Christmas, which as far as I know is the first time that's not happened.

The last one on the site was the Treasure Map hunt one as far as I know.

The last "regular" type of BOC was I think maybe April?

I don't think we'll see them much anymore on the regular site. A couple of months ago someone emailed Woot about social media and received this reply:
Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.
We do still sell our Big ol' Cornucopia but we primarily promote it during special events through our social media outlets.
Woot Member Services,

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I believe the last BOC on the regular Woot site was during the first Wootoff after the site redesign. I was one of the lucky 500 that got one during the 4 (?) hour fiasco on June 26, 2012. There was another much shorter BOC during the same Wootoff when around 50 (?) people got one.
I also got one on May 22, 2012 during the last Wootoff before the site redesign. That was my first.


@tbgolladay: You are correct. After that fiasco, I responded to a Community question back in July with this response: "Until they make some system and/or application changes, I doubt you'll see a BOC sold through the normal channels. They may offer them through Facebook, Twitter, etc., like they did for their birthday". I wish I had been wrong....


I keep hoping to see one this time around. The first and only time I saw one was when I was still pretty new to the site. I wasn't really sure what it was, so I just ignored it! :(


How do we know when there is a last one? We occasionally get fooled....


And this way they gave out 12 instead of 1500.