questionswhat do you think of the new google nexus 7…


I have a fire and their are alot of things I hate about it that they improved on but I feel like they just came out with a me too product rather than something innovative which is what I really expected from them


Like you I'm disappointed in the lack of expandable storage. I wouldn't really be bothered so much if it came in 16/32GB options instead. 8GB is really to small. That's a move that Archos makes to shave cost, not Google. But they are trying to push all streaming for content which is fine for music as far as I'm concerned video however I want better than the overly compressed hd streams coming from the streaming sources and I don't want to pay into the Netflix/Hulu game.


I was disappointed in the lack of expandable storage (Google Drive cloud storage will help) and only one camera (I doubt I would use it for picture taking anyway) myself, but costs needed to be cut somewhere to come in at this price. The quad core in my Pad 300 is amazing, so I am looking forward to this.

I do not see it as a "killer" of the iPad or the Fire (an Amazon consumption device mostly). Other 7in tablets will have major problems though (bye Archos. see ya low resolution Toshiba. au revoir poor battery Acer, etc.).

Full disclosure is that I pre-ordered the 16GB model to take advantage of the $25.00 free Google Play offer while it is available.


There's no way I'd buy a tablet that didn't have at least a micro SD slot. There's no excuse for not including it.

I'll control the size and cost of my storage, thanks.


I am curious about something. Every time a tablet went on sale here or was listed on deals.woot, there was a number of people that commented that they would wait for this. Nothing was ever good enough for them...

Think any of them bought one?

I am guessing not. They probably were just commenting for the sake of commenting and trying to feel big.


Gadget lust, pure and simple, for me. Though I wonder if Google can support a fully featured (mini?)tablet.

I own an iPad, work on a Mac, and own an Android phone. Android has certainly come a long way, but it has a lot of faults. (Many of which are due to the open source nature.) However, the one advantage it always has over the other options: I can go scorched earth on it and do whatever I want. With the Nexus? Who knows. I'm about fed up with the Apple experience, though.


It doesn't sound too bad. As a family with 3 iPad first gens and a small generic android tablet I don't see one in my immediate future though.


The only reason I'm not buying one is that it's only 7" and I want at least a 10" model. I have a 10" generic tablet now that's hacked using vegan tab (ginger edition) and it works but has a lot weird issues. I'd like to have one that comes with the latest version of Android but I'm not downgrading to a smaller screen. If I want a small screen, I could use my phone. I want the tablet only for the large screen.


I'm really thinking about it. I am, honestly, an Apple hater. I have an iPhone and 2 iPods and I hate myself for it. (Best podcast integration is the reason for the latter, most accessories and it was the best option at the time for the former). I have two tablets now, a Xoom and a TouchPad (sniff, oh WebOS, we hardly knew ye!), and they are OK. The Xoom I use the most, and mostly because it has expandable storage (32 GB microSD FTW), but it is annoying me with slow page renders.

I really may get this and see how it goes for a travel tablet. I'm also thinking about getting a Galaxy Nexus (now that they are promising Jelly Bean) and try the entire pure Android world.


@wilfbrim: I have the same problem I hate myself for my iphone but I love the iphone. (its the audibook format that sucks me in) but anyway I decided I was done and switched out to a HTC One S (on Ice Cream) and ended up hating it while there was things I could tweak like never before it was still just too kludgy .... I ended up using the 14 day remorse policy and going back to the iphone.