questionsdid you know there's a new woot moderator?


Yep, I saw that. I'm still trying to figure out her username (although @lichme's post may suggest an answer). I'm glad that @rogetray introduced her, so that we'd know it was a "her" and not a "he" but I'm still confused.

@ManHandsHa: Hello? Welcome to Wooterville. Come over here and hang out for a while. I'd love to hear what was behind the username choice.


@shrdlu: Hey! Great question about the username. I am in fact a girl, but I have really big hands. I can palm a standard men's basketball. And 'Ha' is just a nickname I acquired.

I'm excited to be here, thanks for the welcome!


Anyone else picturing a giant space potato chanting "Manhands-HA! Manhands-HA!"?

No? Just me? Very well then.


@stile99: Just you.

Welcome on board @ManHandsHa. We're a strange bunch here, enjoy the shirt woot crowd, someone always manages to find something to be offended about on a daily basis. Hello and glad to have you on board.

@ThunderThighs is still mod right? :s


@cowboydann: Still a mod. She filled the spot left by Inky.


@cowboydann: Thanks for dropping in to say hello! The strangeness of Woot and the community is what drew me in :) And yes, ThunderThighs is still a mod!


@manhandsha: Hey, thanks for answering back! You are a bright note on a frustrating day for me, and I'm glad to see you. Buy something, dang it. Buy anything. Make @gatzby give you some money to buy a shirt.

We're a looney bunch, here, but it's really nice to meet someone new. Please stick around for a while. Holler if you need help.


@shrdlu: A bright note? That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever called me! Thanks! I hope your day gets better :)


Re: man hands, pics or it didn't happen.


@manhandsha: Welcome to our weirdness. Remember: what happens on DW stays...well, actually we talk about it all week.


@manhandsha: welcome to the madhouse. Good luck in the modhouse. :)


Oh my, what big hands you have @manhandsha!! A warm welcome to you!

Ahem, and now that I know you're here, I have a question....Are you someone we can page when we have a 'problem' or question about deals rules, etc.? @Thunderthighs is very good about that. inky used to help us. Sometimes they referred issues to @jumbowoot. Since he's gone, I was hoping that we could get some current names. TIA


@gmwhit: Of course, reach out with any issues you have! Even if I don't know the answer, I'm happy to find someone who does.


@manhandsha: Welcome! And hey, the plot worked, you got some color on your triangle at least!


@thumperchick: Yay! This day just keeps getting better and better :)


@manhandsha: Welcome to our side of Woot!

"Where everybody knows your name." (Not yet, but they will soon).
"And they're (we're) always glad you came."

Does this mean you will be our babysitter during the night shift? Well not me, I have an early bedtime. But the others need some watching. :)

Don't worry @thunderthighs, we will always love you.


@barnabee: I'm not quite sure what my hours will be, but I have an early bedtime too. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop though.


@manhandsha: Late to the party as always, but welcome from here as well! I am sure that you will do great here. Always remember that there are a certain few who troll here, but I won't mention names. :) cough:::iggz:::cough


Hmmm white square? Downvote time!!!

J/k, welcome.


@gmwhit: We are still the community moderators. If you have questions about Deals...uhm deals, rules for deals, deal deletions, etc., I reckon you should page @prettywootprincess in the interim.


@thunderthighs: Whoa! Thanks SO much! Good to know!

Didn't 'guess' that one. Haven't seen @prettywootprincess post anything but actual deals. Of note: I've always been confused about who did what. I know you've explained it. Slow learner? Does that mean that @gatzby (sp?) is taking over for @jumbowoot? ....of course, I always confused their responsibilities, too.

Thanks again, TT. Much appreciated!


@gmwhit: No, no, no. Gatzby manages us community moderators and we work on all sites. Jumbowoot was the head do the Deals team.


welcome @manhandsha
Here is some silliness just for you :


Welcome to DW. Oh, and did you know that you get at least 7 years of bad luck if you change funny deal tags? It's true.


@wilfbrim: at least 7 years, i heard one case of 36 years....

@manhandsha its best to leave the tags alone....The deals are better that way!


@manhandsha: I know I am a little late to the party but welcome! Learn lots from the wise one known as @thunderthighs, she knows all. I am always lurking around here somewhere so I am sure we will run into each other real soon!