questionswhat's your most memorable customer serviceā€¦


I'll just say...they don't call it BJ's for nothing.


I used to raise Quarter horses and bought a blanket for a weanling (baby horse). Put it on him at night, got up the next morning to check on him and the blanket was destroyed. I was so mad I packed the blanket up, horse poop covered and all, and mailed it back to the company with a nasty note. About two weeks later I came home to a huge box on my doorstep. It was full of blankets, halters, lead ropes, probably retail $500 worth of stuff. I guess the company must have assumed I was a big deal horse trainer and wanted to make me happy. Little did they know they sent so much stuff I never needed to buy more.

A bit of overkill but definitely my most memorable customer service experience.


I used to coordinate all Service calls and parts repairs for an automotive testing company. A customer had a million dollar piece of equipment shut down. I sent out a technician on the last flight out that day. On a hunch that the repair was not as we thought, I thought of Plan B which would require a unique part that I was in possession of (we were not in the habit of traveling with that specific part due to risk on confiscation at airport security). I drove to the FedEx terminal at the airport and just made the handoff with only 10 minutes to spare. I wanted to make sure the part arrived when the technician would start doing the repair the following morning. I figured if I'm wrong about the part, it would only be a total of $75 in shipping back and forth vs losing an entire day if the repair failed. I was right and the customer was up and running by noon, saving them a ton of money.

The following week I received a case of salsa, with a Thank You note for following my instinct.


Back when launched, they were a resaler of refurbed stuff (mostly Logitech and PC stuff). I bought a set of Logitech Z680 speakers. At the time, they retailed for around $400 and these were listed at just $150 with free shipping. I knew they were refurbed but I bought them anyway. I ended up getting a 60 lb package only to find that the speakers were totally shot and not at all functional. I called Just Deals and after talking to a few different people ended up getting a return label and shipping them back. A few days after sending them off, I got a BRAND NEW set delivered to my door with a short apology letter. Those speakers were probably at least $50 to ship each way (they shipped them 3 times in all) and they made me a customer for life.

I still rock out to my awesome PC speakers 8 years later


I lost a pin to my Glock 22, I called Glock and asked for a replacement during break at work one day. The man I spoke with asked for my Pistol's Serial Number (I did not have at the top of my head and didn't have the gun with me at work) I told him I did not have it, So he gladly said, "Well Mr. Tinder, what is your mailing address and I will get it out to you in a few days. Next time please have your serial number available so we can be sure that you get excellent service every time." No questions asked after that. I love my Glock for protection of my family and those around me, and Glock has the best customer service I have ever experienced!


I was on the phone with Marriott's customer service, but my cell phone dropped the call. I called back and got the exact same person, so we were able to pick up from where we disconnected. That was really weird. The person was super helpful, so I remember that, too.


I have told this story before but here goes: Secondipity had a TV for sale with a price misprint of 192 (It was a 42 inch plasma 720P back in april) I sent them an email letting them know about it, but I also put on in my shopping cart and checked out (Just in case.) It WAS a price misprint but the deals.woot rep on here knew of me and she helped me out and made sure that I got it at that price. It took her about two days to work it all out but she was helpful and communicative. Customer for life here.


My most recent memorable customer service happened at K Paul's in New Orleans. Hubby and I were having dinner there to celebrate our birthdays. I must have mentioned the birthdays when I made the reservation as the table had the little shiny confetti words Happy Birthday all over it.

We ordered an appetizer, salads and our entrees. The server advised my husband to order the fancier double stuffed baked potato. Appetizer came, it was great. Salads too. Then, and only then, did the server advise that they didn't have anymore of the baked potatoes. Turned out they had run out of the skins.

We asked to speak to the manager. We were not really upset but wondered how something like this could happen in such a high end restaurant. He apologized profusely and told us he was comping my husbands meal. We protested but he insisted. He said the kitchen should know exactly what stock they have on hand. We also got a free dessert for our birthdays.


I was at one of my favorite restaurants a few years ago, and because it took too long, the manager took half off of the bill. We didn't think the wait had been any longer than normal.

At Target once, I bought a few things, and as I was leaving noticed they rang up higher than I expected (they were on sale). I stopped at the guest service desk and they handed me cash back on the spot, no questions asked.

Not exactly huge deals, but pleasant.


I once ordered a guitar effects pedal from Musician's Friend and they sent the wrong pedal. I called and explained and they not only sent what I ordered, they said I could also keep the one they sent me by mistake.


Had a good and bad one over the past weekend.
Ordered a Toy Story doll from the Toys R' Us website last Friday only to find out hours later that the kid already had this doll so I needed to cancel it. No option on the site so I called the 800 number. Explain the problem and tell her I need to cancel. She says there is no way to cancel it because it's being processed. BS IMO, the order is maybe 3 hours old. Ask her what I can do and she says I have to ship it back and I have to pay return shipping. I flipped.
She said I could "possibly" take it to the store and get store credit, which is also unacceptable. I asked for a supervisor, but she said "they are all busy and will call you back"

No call all weekend.
Call back Monday and get helped by a guy who was on the ball. Explained what was going on, apologized for not getting back to me, and emailed me a return shipping label for the item. He said the other lady should have done the same thing.