questionscaptain america...2d or 3d?


2D for sure.

Captain America was converted to 3D, NOT filmed in 3D. Movies converted to 3D (like Thor also) consistently look worse than those originally filmed that way.

Not worth the extra money.

Here's actually an interesting article about the conversion process for Thor and Captain America... they claim they spent a lot of time to do it right, but I'm still skeptical it even can be done right. Native 3D all the way:


@novastarj: What you said.... 3d isn't worth the cost yet...


5D!!! Height + Width + Depth + Time + Heart ... oh wait that's captain planet


@hobbitss: Seeing a movie in 3D is only a couple dollars more than a movie in 2D. If you like 3D I don't see how it's not worth it. If you don't like 3D, why do you complain about the price?


Always 2D for me. The price jump is ridiculous, plus I wear glasses normally, so glasses on top of glasses is annoying at the very least.


I went to the 2D yesterday.
The movie isn't bad. Not the best Marvel film, but not the worst.

The Avengers trailer looked cool. Was alot of flashing scenes but it showed some nice promise.

What's everyone's take on the Spiderman trailer?