questionshow many rewards cards are you signed up for, and…


Sears and Staples are the two most used.

Sears works well - constantly getting money to use on other purchases and such.


I still have a Best Buy Rewards card, but I haven't set foot in a BBUY in years. That was the only one I ever felt like signing up for. If we had a Staples here, I'd get that. Staples Rewards (I think that's the name) seems to have great deals all the time.


Reluctantly, I only have 3 "Loyalty Cards". 2 are for Supermarkets and 1 for a Gas Station. I only use them to get their so-called "discounts" and earn points off gas. For years I refused to use them, but I finally relented to avoid paying full price for sale items. I even went so far as to "borrow" other shopper's cards at the check-out so I wouldn't be tracked.

Actually, there is an organization that you can check out called CASPIAN which stands for Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion And Numbering. Here's their website:
You'll be surprised what the stores do with your info!!


I have tons of them. I signed up under my old information (old address, old phone number, even a misspelled name and one of my throw-away email accounts) a few years ago. Fun fact: they don't care! Once you receive your card, you have no reason to contact them.

Albertsons, Vons, Ralphs, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Office Depot, Petsmart, Petco, Big Lots, Staples, Panera. Those are the ones that come to mind.

I don't go to those places all the time, save for the three supermarkets, but when there's a great sale in their ads, I go.

I also have a Costco membership, but that has all my correct info. Can't get around that one because it's linked with my AMEX card.


I only have a couple: a HyVee/Casey's fuel saver card and a Hallmark rewards card. I haven't used the Hallmark one in quite awhile though.

Oh wait, does my JCP store card count? I do earn points on that. I don't use it all that often anymore since I can no longer pay off the balance with gift cards.


@rprebel: you may still want to sign up for staples rewards. Now you get free shipping from with the basic rewards card.


I threw all of mine away. There wasn't room in my wallet for them.

You can just give the checker your phone number, in most stores, and they apply the rewards to your existing account.

The only one I use on a regular basis is Walgreens. Most of their sale prices aren't valid without a rewards account and I shop there a lot.

I also have Winn-Dixie, Lowes, Panera, Sears, and BestBuy.

I haven't been in BestBuy or Winn-Dixie in years. I go to Panera about 5 times a year and Sears less than that. The Lowe's card doesn't give you any kind of discounts that I know of, so I usually just use self checkout there and avoid the whole issue.


I will omit my phone number whenever possible. I will give a SPAM e-mail address when forced to sign-up for a discount. I tend to toss the card anyways. Right now, I only have 3 grocery store/pharmacies discount cards. I figure there's not too much to hide because they already have my personal information from filling prescriptions.


If you don't have a rewards card to a particular place, and you want an item regardless of whether you get it on sale or not, tell the cashier that you forgot your card, but you could give them a phone number instead.
The use the following phone number:
(your area code) 867-5309. Yes, you read that right.
That number is so well know, that there is a very good chance that someone used it to get their own rewards card because they didn't want to give their real number.

@cebooher3: Lowe's doesn't give a discount, but they allow you to see everything that you have purchased with your card. I have found it useful, so that I can get the same color paint.


Only 2. Stop&Shop (since that's less than a mile from where I live and they don't give the sale prices without one) and CVS since that's the drugstore that's closest and they give a coupon for 2+% quarterly. They also have one of my email addresses and send coupons and discount codes fairly frequently that I can load directly to the card so I don't have to print them and take them to the store.

I stopped going to Walgreens when they started requiring one.


Pretty much every casino in Vegas.


We use Costco cards, and I used to use a Hallmark Crown reward card. The Spouse uses a Starbucks reward card and frequently rolls up to the drive-through and gets free coffee. Since we do nearly all our grocery shopping at Costco or a military commissary, we don't use any grocery reward cards, but after reading the comments above I think I'll stop in and get loyalty cards from Walgreens and CVS.

For vacations, we rent cabins in the mountains. One of the owners delighted me when we discovered she'd attached loyalty card tags for Ingles to each of the cabin keys. We'd never thought of that before, but we now have an Ingles card tucked into our "vacation box." They have fairly generous discounts with their card.


I was curious how the Walgreens one worked -- we should probably sign up for that...

Right now:
Lowes, Kohls, Hy-Vee Fuel Saver, and Pet Smart.


Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid. Those are the top 3 IMO. Many kick backs, free items and discount rewards. You have to keep up on the coupons if you want to really make out.


I have a couple coffee shop cards, a couple grocery store cards, a drug store card. The only one I ever remember to use is the drug store one and that's only because they have it in their register (great idea) and it automatically does whatever it does (I really don't even know what it does because I don't get any discounts or anything). I suppose it's a way to get my information so they can advertise to me.