questionsif someone purchases an xboxlive card using my…


lol, it was probably the denny's waitress that skimmed your card

Anyway, it should be possible but on 2 small purchases like this, it's doubtful anybody will do anything to track down the criminal.


@kamikazeken: Haha, Ikr? At first that is what I thought, but then I realized that I paid cash. Also, I wanted one of the hoodies in the Side Sale but was waiting to order it. In fact, that's why I checked my email to see if there were any coupons in there, because I was about to buy it... Well, now I CAN'T because they cancelled my card and I won't get my new one for 5-7 business days so I have nothing to pay with and the sale will be OVER! :'(


Either way, chances are good that the card number was stolen in the last 4-5 days. Start reviewing all your recent purchases to see where it may have happened. As you think about each transaction, something may click in your mind that seemed out-of-place.


Ugg, and now my tags got changed from having to do with fraud and Identity theft to 'video games'. Just because they bought items relating to a game system, doesn't mean my discussion is about video games. Hopefully people ignore tags... :-/


I haven't used xbox live, but I'm a little confused. Since you received the email with the PIN, isn't your email the one the purchaser used in making the purchase? If the purchaser does not have access to your email, how would they get the PIN to use their illicit subscription? Perhaps the scoundrel has access to more of your ID info than just your (now cancelled) credit card. I would definitely report this to the xbox live people and see if anything comes of it.


@nortonsark: You're assuming that thieves are that smart. Most aren't.

That said, some services also display the pin number when you purchase as well as email it (I know Amazon does on digital point orders).

I recently had someone hack my Gamestop account. They couldn't get my credit card number, but they were able to make an order for a PSN card. However, Gamestop hadn't processed the order by the time I caught it and got it cancelled. Still, the person couldn't change my shipping address or password without me getting an email notification, so it would have shipped to me, and they would have gained nothing but the satisfaction of annoying me.


You can try to call Xbox and tell them what's going on. They might be able to help.
Best bet is to call Walmart and get the email address they where sent to.
Sorry to hear.


Do you have a account? Does it have a credit card stored on it? I had this happen with my Barnes & Noble account (which I'd used only once, but stored a card on). They may have gotten into your account, but don't even have your credit card number. They placed the order and it went to your email address, so this is likely.

No need to cancel your card, just contact customer service to have them reverse the charges. Then remove your stored credit cards from their web site as it's not safe.


@omnichad: That's what I was thinking. I have a lot of panic attacks, and rarely leave the house, only maybe once a week (if that) and it's to go to a very dear friend's house or a rare occasion where I go out to eat with my boyfriend. So, I can't see how someone could have gotten my number without being anywhere near my card... EXCEPT that I was one of the people whose Information got leaked when voices.Yahoo or Yahoo.Voices got hacked by that group and the whole list of combinations was posted on the internet. That account was linked to my email and my paypal. And that email is the same one I used for and my had a similar (though not exact) password. Of course, when I heard about the leak Facebook, Paypal, Woot, Yahoo Voices, and email passwords were all changed. But It never even occurred to me to change my info since it wasn't the same and I didn't think they stored my payment information. :(


@wickedd365: I called Xbox And at first they said they couldn't help me, that my pin was MY pin. So I said, No, the number from the back of the card is the pin I was sent. And she's like 'OH!' Neither cards were used and she said it probably WAS a kid who didn't realize they would need to get into my email to get the PIN code. ended up cancelling my account, blocking the email address associated with the account, and the card number, even though the card was already cancelled. They applied an 'intent to cancel' but because I already 'received my goods' via email, they said I'd probably have to dispute the bank. Which is fine, because they are great. If you ever have trouble with your Bank, Consider switching to Citizen's Bank.


@kllangellier: Good. Glad you where able to get things in order and get things in motion.


Thanks everyone for the input and help. :D


I just got the records from Walmart. This guy is in Jacksinville, Florida and his ISP is AT&T. I was not able to get the physical address but law enforcement can subpoena records from AT&T by e-maling and putting "SUBPOENA" in the subject line. As many of us as possible need to sick law enforcement detectives on the guy. AT&T can be compelled to release the name and address of the owner of the account. Then maybe he can be hunted down, caught, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law! It's about time!
Also these incidents should be reported to

I wonder whether this is also an AT&T e-mail security problem. If so they need to fix it!