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I hate picking up at Bestbuy. You order, wait forever to get your email. Go to the store and wait in line. Finally you hand them the email and then they need your ID and then they want the credit card it was purchased with. Then they run the card through their register, even though I have already paid for it. It doesn't even save me money any more, as I am so frustrated with them that when I leave, I head to the nearest purveyor of Coke and drown my frustrations in caffeinated goodness.


It's not WalMart or KMart or Home Depot, it's the individual store you went to. When the AA battery deal from Lowe's was posted, there were people telling stories similar to yours in the comments. My experience was much different. I walked in the store, up to the CS desk, asked for and got my batteries, and walked out.

Life's a crapshoot.


Usually, buy online, pickup in store just is not worth the hassle. It must not be utilized much anywhwere because every store I've gone to has had a really difficult time managing to fulfill my order in a timely manner. Usually I end up standing around for 10 minutes waiting for an employee to go pick the item from the shelf or from their "warehouse" in the back of the store. After all that waiting around it's usually much faster and far easier to just grab the item off the shelf myself and pay at a register. The only good thing about online pickup is that they usually don't try to upsell you on the warranty or other garbage.


definitely the stores you were at.
i was went to lowes to pick my order up. they "didn't even know we did that" but quickly found the stuff and i was on my way.
at "my" walmart (the one i worked at) it really depended on who was working. certain people were on the ball, happy to help, no wait. others seemed like you were ruining their life to expect them to find someone to do the job. (i'm less biased since i got canned).


Yep - definitely varies by store.

Good experience:
- Lowes (Chino Hills, CA), Walmart (Pomona, CA)

Neutral experience:
- Lowes (Puente Hills, CA)

Bad experience:
- Best Buy (Puente Hills, CA)

Horrible experience:
- Best Buy (Chino Hills, CA)


Most of the time it's easier. Sometimes it's not. I have left the store pickup line and gone out and gotten my stuff off the shelf and checked out faster than the wait.


I'm done with Kmart/Sears completely. Spent the better part of a month trying to get them to make right on an order they screwed up, only to have them give me a refund that was less than I had paid. (By a whopping $2) Their "customer service" is an absolute joke! Just for fun go to their Facebook pages and read the horror stories there...Kmart is really bad and Sears is downright frightening.

Oh and the responses on Facebook from their "customer care specialists" that sound so sweet?? Not worth 2 cents...they just pass you off to someone else even more clueless with lots of apologies and no results.


Recently, I've used store pickup at Sears and BestBuy.

Sears has never been an issue since the pickup counter at the Sears I use has a separate entrance from the parking lot (in fact, the last time I was there, I'd forgotten this and wasted about five minutes wandering around inside the store before I got tired of searching and asked someone...) Of course, this may not be the case at other Sears stores.

With BestBuy, I was dreading using pickup, based on previous experience at two other BestBuy stores. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with a total wait of seven minutes, with five of them while they were helping the people in front of me. (My previous experience was horrible, with 30-45 minute waits AFTER a 30-45 minute wait to get to he pickup counter. All of the bad experiences were at two other stores though, so it appears to be very store dependant.)


I use this option several times a year and have very good luck with it. Of course, I much prefer to order something and have it come right to my door, because I despise shopping. I've even done this on Black Friday - went to the store to buy a TV but the lines were too long, so I went home, ordered it at the deal price with in store pickup, went back to get it and was all done!


Last time at my local Lowes was uninspiring. If I have several items it can be worthwhile, but really - it's usually faster to grab it myself. Most retail stores just don't have a good a setup for in-store pickup yet. Which is ridiculous.


@jimeezlady: I had to laugh when you mentioned Sears, reminded me of when I was a child and my parents purchased a new bathroom sink from Sears and the ensuing fiasco. This was long before the internet and home delivery was reserved for large appliances and furniture. They delivered the box with the sink and when Dad opened the box, there was a round sink with a square chrome hole to put it in. He called, got a return authorization for the package and the next box was a square sink to put in the round hole of the vanity he had purchased from then and was already installed waiting for the round sink. Another RA# and box #3 and the square sink with the round chrome hole, apparently the cousin of the first box. Box #4 had a round sink, 5" larger than the hole in the vanity. If Dad hadn't already installed the vanity, I don't think it would have fit where he was threatening to install it, but box #6 was the charm. So 50 years ago, they weren't any better.


The only stores I've purchased in store from have been JCPenney's and Wal~Mart and I've had easy, no problem experiences with both of them.

I went to the JCP Pick-up center, gave them my email, ID, and debit card. My merchandise was brought up and put into my vehicle. The entire transaction took less than 5 minutes.

My other experience was with an out-of-town Wal~Mart when I purchased my father-in-law a new printer/scanner. I purchased it and then on the receipt was told the email had to be brought to the store to pick-up the merchandise. This was impossible as if I forwarded it to him, he couldn't print it. I called the store, explained the sitation and no problems. I explained to them the recipient was elderly and disabled and they had it waiting in Layaway for him when he got there to make it easier for him.


@linkage89: You seemed annoyed that BestBuy ran your credit card when you picked up your merchandise. Be glad they do. This is a security check that you are in fact the actual cardholder. Photo ID's are easily forged. When you give them your card, it's just a way to double check the signatures and try to make sure they are selling to someone who didn't hack into someone else's account. I've had people ask me for my ID when I've used my debit or credit card to buy cigarettes. I never mind giving someone my ID. What they are doing is for my protection. Sure, it may seem annoying if you're in a hurry, but bottom line is, if it wasn't you, wouldn't you ask why they didn't do it? I know I would.