questionschallenge (kinda): ipod touch starter guide


I am not even going to ask if you bothered looking at apple's website, because it is kind of obvious you didn't. Yes, I am cranky.


@gwintner: I know the urge to both play with and resist buying anything Apple... It's a love/hate relationship. Anywho, the iPod Touch is a great little tool for lots of things... Just as long as you can keep yourself from getting too into games :)


@gwintner: You should take it war-walking. This is what iTouch was made for.


Hm... i just got an android phone and have been going crazy playing with apps. I think some of them are similar, so here's a random list of the items that I have which are likely but not necessarily available for the touch:

(1) Yelp -- reality augmentation is all kinds of cool.
(2) Pretty much all the Google Apps (most of which are available on itouch, I believe) -- who knew looking at constellations would be so cool? But really, Google translate. I love speaking into my phone in a foreign language and having it translate it!
(3) Pandora -- for your radio needs!
(4) As a black-hatter, you might think about RedLaser
(5) Flixster
(6) I don't understand social networking, but if you do [insert social networking app here]
(7) RunKeeper or SportyPal, maybe? If you like running or would like to like running. Or would like to look as if you like running.


Yeesh, I seem to have gotten on @hobbit's bad side. Looking forward to when I'm back to the good ... No, I haven't looked at a darn thing yet (though I was up front about that), but I AM a manual reader, so you can be sure I'm going to read all of that stuff. I was just looking for some shortcuts to the things that are not going to be in the manual or the official party line. I feel like I've missed out on years of development here, since I'm very late to the Apple party. Thank you everyone for the responses, these look great.

Now that I have some general lists to look at, if anybody else is willing I'm particularly interested in more responses like @chaosamoeba's, about things people personally use (that may or may not be widely known) that they find to be particularly useful/fun/interesting.