questionsis anyone else making some cash money with…


I use it for arms and drug deals, works great! Not really.
Bitcoin seems a little in the shadows to me, maybe I don't understand it fully. Even their FAQ's seem incomplete as to their answers to me anyway.

Are you buying bitcoins with common currency, like buying credits you can exchange with other people that accept these credits? Are you "mining" for 50 bitcoins that could take "years to find"?
How about when their value crashes, and you know there are black hats working on how to profit or even destroy it.

I don't know, I'm thinking about a PT Barnum quote and I think the only ones who will make 'real' money are the early investors a few years ago.

So no, I'm not making any profit from it.


Also it uses a "complex algorithm" so I'm wondering if deals dot woot has their hand in this.


Here's the exchange I use-

And I transfer dollars for bitcoins and vice versa using Dwolla

It's currently at $11, I won't be surprise when it hits above $20 again. That's a 50% profit, right thurrrr. It's very new, so it makes sense for it to be a little volatile as well.

Good luck. Make that money while you can. Dolla dolla bills yall.


So I take it you've been checking out Silk Road?


@iggz: I meant I transfer dollars into the mtgox account using Dwolla and vice versa


@xdavex: Well I bought 100 BTC for $10 yesterday and sold 100 BTC for $20 today. Not bad. I think I'll try and do it again.


I've got a guy who coded some counterfeit BTC's. As far as I can see, there's nothing illegal in that, so.... I'll sell you 1,000 BTC for $25.

also, get out while the getting is good:


@kamikazeken: Well if you knew anything about BTCs you would know that all the CPU/GPU processing power being used to mine is also being used to authenticate BTC transactions. The current processing power of all combined users is greater than all the super computers in the world combined. So your buddies fake BTCs will not pass the algorithm and therefore will not be able to be traded. Creating counterfeit BTCs is impossible. I've made over $3000 in the past month.