questionsany suggestions for finding a party dress online?


Not a website but have you thought of checking consignment or secondhand stores in your area?


Department stores usually have pretty good selections for teens, what is her size and favorite color? Maybe I can try and find some options for you to look at. :)


I have had great luck with finding dresses for my now 13 y-o daughter on Depends on your daughter’s size, of course. Mine is just heading into a girls 16, so I find a lot of choices.

She owns this dress in two colors and loves it.

I find most everything from Webb Direct 2 U to be age-appropriate and good quality.

Bon-ton online has some good choices as well.

Have to say it is challenging to find things that are age appropriate for girls this age. Best of luck!


Yeah, we've looked around the department stores and haven't found anything in the price range we're aiming for. Consignment shops have been a bust, the dresses we've found were of the tangerine orange, beauty pageant reject variety or somewhere near that.

She's a size 2-4 in juniors by most designer's standards. She likes pinks, greens, and some shades of blue. She's favoring something short so that she can dance and whatever without having to worry about tripping over herself, but I don't want it to be so short that she has to tug at the hem all night.

Any suggestions are welcome.

vote-for1vote-against and try ebay I have gotten some great dresses on ebay for less then $20


I'd check out the Michelle Obama cocktail dress. Only a cool $2400 at Barneys. If you want to see what it looks like just search the dress she wore to the "economic equality" speech.


Many thanks. I didn't really consider all of these options before. I guess I just need to wait until she gets home from school so that we can look over everything together.

Another thing I didn't think about before is that we can have spaghetti straps sewn onto a strapless dress if she chooses one. If it's a dress that only a little too adult for her, that may be enough to tone it down a little.


Never underestimate the power of eBay! Their new fashion search is great--you can specify ALL KINDS of filters--size, color, sleeve type, length, brand, etc.


Second the vote for JCPenney! They have a good assortment of reasonably priced dresses for juniors in their "Party Dress" section and a few possibles in their "Formal Dress" section.|81020&CatSel=4294934948--party


@purplefeather: Ok, she's a tad larger than my 13 yo. Just quickly glanced at junior size dresses on Amazon. This one is an OMG find for Mardi Gras. I see it is $170, so perhaps too far outside the budget, but it screams Mardi Gras in such a great way. May want to add a shrug for a bit of cover.

In budget:

Do check various seller's return policies before ordering.