questionsdo you think you should get an explanation email…


Been cussed and discussed before. No reason since most are dups is the general idea.

Would help if you reposted your link here for others to help.


@mtm2: my thought was if you got an email explaining why, then you would not get repeated "why did my deal get deleted?" questions posted.


@mkentosh: After to many years of editing and a mispelling I have been guilty of, the noun is 'explanation'; many of us use the 'i' but the spelling 'explaintion' is not a word as per a variety of sources.
As far as getting your deals pulled try starting out at look for a link to go further. If not, use the contact us or customer service. When I had a few deals pulled I posted a question, just like you, in ask the community, but with the specific deal identified. In addition, if you used an embedded link from your email to go to the deal, then you have cookies unique for your pc in your posting. If that is the reality, then anyone who clicks on your posting link can't get to the deal since they don't have the cookies unique to your pc.
Ergo, I don't think an explanation of every pull should be or can be accomplished.
If any questions please LMK in a reply.


I'd just like to know the name of the staffer deleting deals or comments.


@kamikazeken: Her Highness, The Royal Gassy Hotdogguts.


Doesn't matter - if an email went out people would still ask why - just because.


@kamikazeken: I see no reason to know this information. And from time to time they fess up anyway.


@drj48: I didn't even say I had a deal pulled. All I suggested was if you have a dealed pulled, someone at woot! should just drop a stock email to that user explaining why it was pulled. This would stop every other user from posting the same question "why was my deal pulled?"

That all I was suggesting.......

oh as as for my mistake in spelling....sorry for not being perfect.


@drj48: Well, in @mkentosh's defense, I gently point out your misuse of "to/too/two" in your first sentence.

You said "After to many years of editing..." when you should have said "After too many years of editing..." (IOW, pot/kettle/black).

Your friendly Pedanticist (



@shrdlu: Thanks for pointing that out. Editing is a practice and one gets better with practice. I'm assigning one of my few remaining brain cells TO that task. Best, Dr.J


@drj48: I'll pile on with "mispelling". I wasn't going to mention either of them until @shrdlu chimed in, then the grammar police part of my brain kicked in gear. Sorry. :)