questionshow do you think the new bourne movie, the bourneā€¦


I will still see it, but there are a few reasons why it will likely differ from the first 3.

1. Book it is based on was written by Eric Van Lustbader, not Robert Ludlum like the first 3.

2. Directed by Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton) and not Paul Greengrass.

3. Jeremy Renner instead of Matt Damon.

We shall see.


I'm not a fan of the Bourne movies, but this one looks interesting to me. i think it's the cast. I love Edward Norton and almost everything he has done.


Are they going to keep the camera steady during the fight scenes this time? I get vertigo trying to watch any of the first 3 movies.


J E R E M Y R E N N E R - nuff said.


I read the 3 Ludlum books and while I liked them, I loved Lustbader's Legacy. I'm hoping the movie is the same!