questionssince i'll have another was scratched, which…


The horse that runs the fastest.


@wnyx585am: I was too busy at work or you would have been the second person with that answer. :)


I'd say Dullahan is going to be one of the favorites as he ran well at the Derby. But now that I'll Have Another scratched, if that leads to an exemption for Sarah Jessica Parker to enter, then my money's on her.


@jsimsace: I couldn't believe no one had beat me to it. It was too easy to resist. I probably wouldn't have if the questioner had put notes and discussion in the body of the question.


Do you REALLY think I'm going to tell you who it is? Jeez, I come here in a time machine, make it only as far as 2008 (blasted power failure), and you honestly expect me to hand over answers that allow me to uphold my lifestyle? You start leaking it to the press and...

Besides, having too many people jump on board with my knowledge cuts into my profits. You know how it works, right?

Good luck with next Thursday!


All I'm saying is I knew I shouldn't have pre-gambled on I'll Have Another winning the Triple Crown. Worst 1000 bucks I've ever lost...


I'm glad Union Rags won. Michael Matz has been in the horsey world for years, from the Olympics to Barbaro. He's paid his dues.


I was pretty excited to see Union Rags come through! I really like to watch Johnny Velazquez - he is an awesome jockey. My whole family was cheering Paynter on, but Johnny just waited on the rail for the right moment. Wow! It was too bad about I'll Have Another - I was so looking forward to a triple crown winner this year.