questionshas woot changed their shipping?


We do often use FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon - where we have our vendors ship the inventory to one or more FBA warehouses. In these cases, you'll get your item in an Amazon box. They're known for fast shipping but note that we do not participate in the Prime program.

Hope that helps.


Ok I'll consider myself lucky that I am getting it tomorrow :-)
Also, just got the shipping email dfrom Woot a few minutes ago!


@thunderthighs: I don't get it. How can something be fulfilled and shipped by Amazon, but still charge me for shipping if I have Prime? Or if the order totals $35 or more, for that matter?


@voxitage: They're just using Amazon as a middle warehouse. FBA is fast and very well controlled. It's best to have some vendors ship the entire lot to a trusted warehouse instead of being responsible for individual orders. Just because they use an FBA warehouse as a reliable shipping tool doesn't mean it's affiliated. The item wasn't sold on Amazon, it was sold on Woot. You're grasping at straws to make a connection that would get you free shipping.

I think using FBA is a good move by woot. More reliable shipping is certainly a plus. Now if they could only get that shipping notification timing right.


@nmchapma: True, the items would be bought at woot, but isn't woot owned by (and therefore affiliated with) Amazon?

So we're buying things from an Amazon affiliate that are fulfilled and shipped by Amazon, but paying shipping... why?

Just having a little trouble understanding the ins and outs here.


@voxitage: You are paying for Amazon Prime on, not Zappos is another online retailer but you don't get Prime shipping there either or any of Amazon's other independent subsidiaries.


@voxitage: We are an Independant subsidiary. We operate as our own business and Ike a 3rd party, we pay to use Amazon's fulfillment system. Prime is a program in which 3rd parties must pay to participate.