questionswho else thinks google maps should take street…


but i would need it done at night for most of my deco.
i don't think the google mobile would be safe to drive on my block.
i wish they would give the option of drawing a cartoon house instead of my actual home. what it looks like is no one's business if they aren't willing to drive down the street themselves.


Too much work to decorate.


Nice idea, but:
A: As mentioned earlier it would likely need to be done at night, basically defeating the purpose.

B: They have to cover a lot of ground.


The photos by Google are an ongoing thing. It would be a logistical impossibility to do everything during the holidays.


It would be tough to have people actually go out on these holidays and photograph all the houses. Not only would most people have the day off, the people that do work probably get OT.

It would be kind of weird to have every house on your block non-decorated and then see yours dressed up to the nines.


Holiday Season? Heck I'd be happy if they drove down my street! They mapped my entire neighborhood with the exception of my street in 2007. And I know they've been around because they mapped the entire city in high res in 2011.


They did fly over high res mappings of my neighborhood here within the last year, and did some of the main roads in Street View, but not many of the actual neighborhoods.


Yes and no. It would be great seeing it in November, but I think I would be annoyed seeing decorations on a house in July.