questionsdo you really think this is sterling silver?


There's no such thing: Rods are "Serling" and silver is "Sterling."

And please, no pronouns without antecedents so early on a Saturday. To which deal are you referring?


@allyspo: Picture if you will wooters who are a smart bunch, but not clairvoyant; however, they like to wing it now and then.
You may be asking whether today's featured deal of the diamond and silver necklace is sterling silver. I'd venture to say it is, but who is really to say? Once you enter the Deals.Woot Zone not everything is what it seems. It is a special world unlike any you may have known before. Shop with care and common sense, and welcome to our slightly altered version of reality.


Y'all are making the assumption that serling is a typo for sterling. It could be "shearling". Shearling silver is a crayola color.

@lavikinga: I always thought of woot as The Outer Limits, and never try to adjust my screen.


Yes, it says it's sterling if you are talking about the sponsored deal. With itty bitty diamonds.
You all are so funny!