questionsany experience with a custom cardboard cutout…


Just don't tuck one behind a curtain and then shoot a movie, or people will, for years later, insist that the movie set was haunted by a ghost.


@tsfisch: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!


They've got a really great creep factor. Lots of fun to scare people with (putting them in people's closets, behind doors etc), and great to put in group photos


Check with Kinkos or the equivalent. I think my roommate made his cutout there for his girlfriend's birthday. He put her head on a hula girl and had it made in to a cardboard stand-up.

I used to have the Bartles and James life-size cutouts and would put them in strategic places to scare the cr*p out of people. Oh, those were the days.


I remember seeing something at a Party City where you could put your own photo onto one of the cutouts. Not sure if they still have it, but call one and see if they do it.