questionswhy are deals i'm posting disappearing minutes…


You may be using the wrong font. Try a different one.


They could be duplicates of deals someone else posted and you may not have noticed. When you post the deal, there's a window that says more or less "Are you sure this deal hasn't already been posted?" and then shows you links to other deals that might be like your deal - or the same deal. You can then choose not to post it if it's already been posted. If it turns out you do post something that's already on the site, the Woot staff will delete it.



Or you could be posting deals for things/sites not allowed by Woot. Sex toys, lubricant, and guns are not allowed, nor ebay items from individuals/non-established companies, third-party referral deals, or one-only items.
We could help you a bit better if you could give a general description of your deals.


beware of the mods.............