questionsdid the great server outage mess with email order…


It's possible there is a connection. Make sure when you are looking to see if they're in your account that you look on the site from which you placed the order. So for shirt, look on shirt.woot. For woot, look on

If you still don't see them, email so they can look it up on their end.


@thunderthighs: they do show in my account on each page (Shirt and Woot), the money shows as held by my bank, just no e-mail confirmations as of yet so I was inquiring only to an issue as far as that goes. Appreciate (as always) your response


@thunderthighs (and @natedogg828): I got an email from the folks over at Service, saying they were experiencing difficulties. I also didn't receive any of the usual notifications on comments, until I went in and reset the stuff on my account. I've got that one down to a routine. Change the two boxes that say "Yes" to "No" and click "update" and then change them back, and update again. I had comment emails this morning, so that part returned to normal.

I received a notification about the Syrah I'd purchased at close to the end of the Woot Off, but still haven't received a notification for the earlier purchase. I can't decide if this means it's fixed, or if the error is still there, but transient.


@natedogg828: Sorry, read that too fast. I'd say it's pretty likely the outage had something to do with it.


@thunderthighs: I understand, I realize that there are bigger issues that need to be worked on right now in the world of Woot