questionsdo you compost?


Not so much. No reason to around here; and no where to do it either.


I recycle everything I can that the city takes - paper, glass, metal, many plastics. I try to save my plastic bags and either reuse them or take them back to the supermarket for recycling. I use a mulching mower when I mow my grass, so no yard clippings to worry about. And the few leaves that I get I either mulch or rake under my trees and bushes to use a ground cover/let them decompose.
For food waste, I don't really compost as most people would understand it. But when I have carrot peels or salad leftovers I often do what I call "bunny composting". I scatter the leftovers in my backyard, fairly close to the windows. That attracts the bunnies in the neighborhood who like to eat the scraps (especially carrots). And, as an added bonus, my cats like to watch the bunnies from the windows. So everyone (of every species) wins!


I compost the easy way. Scraps go to local animals; everything else becomes compost. I use the really old fashioned method, though, and this may or may not work in your area/soil. This year's garden clippings gets buried in rows in various garden beds. I then sprinkle bloodmeal (chelated iron would also work, but is an enormously expensive method in comparison) to hasten the decomposition.

I used to have a compost heap, but I'm too forgetful, and I hate remembering to turn it. In addition, first year out, I layered it with sycamore leaves. Turns out that sycamore leaves take years to break down. Crappity crap sycamore leaves, anyway.

Nothing wrong with a nice science project for your twelve year old, though. I recommend blood worms, and a nice plastic tub, which will turn your kitchen garbage and garden clippings into rich soil in no time.

I may return later with links, if no one else supplies further information.


It's too dry here, and the soil is too hard packed (clay, rock and sand). I bought one of those composting stations with digester granules for dog poop at a Humane Society fundraiser, and digging the hole for it was a huge amount of work due to the caliche and rocks. Once it was in, I put one cleanup's worth of dog poop and some digester in it, and it never went anywhere. Even when I added water every day for a week. The water drained out and the poop laid there smelling worse than when it was fresh. Finally I pulled the composter out and sent it to the dump, where the dog poop still goes once a week in its nicely sealed environment-destroying plastic bags.


i don't because i don't have a yard and i don't like worms or crawly things. but i recycle vehemently even at work and use reusable bags or reuse plastic ones i get
i think it's good for your 12 year old also, fun project and she can have something that's hers to take pride in


Well we have a 19x23 foot garden in our back yard, so the compost would get used..

I told her she could do it as long as it is her "pet" (I don't have to do any upkeep)


YES...does wonders for my tomatoes.


No. My wife wants to but we have a small back yard with limited full sun exposure to best decompose. Plus, food scraps during decomposition smell bad. It would stink up our entire yard.

We recycle everything our city takes: Paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum (no glass though) and we trash the rest.


Yup. We have a big plastic compost bin, and just about everything goes in it. Anything that is, was, or could have been edible goes in, including stuff that "experts" tell you not to, like bones, fat and dairy. We also throw in used paper plates, napkins, wax paper, greasy pizza boxes and cardboard egg crates, which all provide necessary "brown" material to balance the wetter "green" stuff. Confidential material like bank statements are torn in quarters, then added to the mix. A gardening fork is kept nearby, and the bin gets a good stir a couple times a week.

It's easy, it has NEVER smelled, and twice a year we pull out a good quantity of organic goodness, which we share with our happy neighbors.


I tried once. Bought the big composter and threw everything in. Turned it and watered it and did everything. Half the stuff never broke down and it was just so much work for not a lot of benifit. Maybe I didn't do it right. :shrugs: