questionsis a full-price item really a "deal?"


I sometimes feel like this is "funny.and.weird.crap.I.saw.onine.woot" instead of "deals.woot".

Consider the "Amazon oddities" that occasionally show up and get a lot of votes even though the joke is 2 years old (eg

The occasional funny thing is fine. And I've resigned myself to the fact that any idiot who posts anything about bacon is going to wind up on the Popular tab. But it really annoys me seeing stuff that's been around for several years and is selling for its normal price cluttering up the place.

I'd personally like to see the handful of consistent deals.wooters (you know who you are) discourage this sort of thing by tattling and posting derisive comments.

But that's just me. Maybe I'm in the minority. I guess Woot and, by extension, deals.woot, attracts all types - including those that don't pay attention to internet memes (if you don't know what that means, you're in the category).


I think it depends. Sometimes we find an interesting item that we want to Share with our 'friends' and we do that. Now if we were sharing them all the time that is another issue. Some of those comments were rude, but we will probably have to put up with them all the time here. I saw comments like that on a nordies sale, the woman complained that she could get a better deal on Zappos and return the shoes for free, well I have never returned shoes from Nordstorm via mail, I just take them to the store and honestly if I order them online I make sure they are what I want I have only returned 2 pairs of shoes in my life one pair becuse I hated them and another pair because they were just bad shoes, they fell apart in a week when they should not have - I got a replacement pair for free.


It depends. If we are asked to find something that only exists in one place on the internet, then yes it is a deal even if it is not on sale. My example:

I have to say in general it is not a deal if it is full price, but well, that kind of shoots me in the foot.

The better question would be, does everything on the popular page deserve to be there?


I think that price is not always the thing that makes a deal. Go ahead. Post more leak frogs, and watch them sell out of wherever it is that you found them (and the price can be fairly steep). That's an extreme example, but it's accurate.

Sometimes something is unique, or is an answer to a challenge (@catbertthegreat posted an example of unique, so I won't bother), like the Flying Pig that I'd wanted (and that made me very happy to have). I get tired of the joke deals, but I think a deal on jewelry from Tiffany's, while not appealing to everyone, is still a deal. Personally, I'd like to find a deal on LMZ3 (but it's patented, and you are not going to find it for under $100/90). Drug companies are EVIL.

Okay, got distracted. Sorry. Back on topic. If I posted a deal for very cool plaid canning lids, they'd probably be the normal price, but the cool factor (for those that wanted them) would be huge. It isn't always about the lowest price. It really isn't.


Okay, that was funny. Right after I wrote about canning lids, I decided to do a more indepth search, and Voila! Here you are.

Thanks for jogging my memory, no matter how indirectly, Mr @flappysquirrel.


I would claim that on rare occasions a deal is so bad it needs to be posted. Case in point:

$800k for a mint-condition video cartridge? @dangela424 made me snort out loud just as my boss walked past my office.


@heymo: I have terrible conflict just now. On the one hand, I disagree with you on the "must post because it's funny" thing. If it's funny, and not really a deal, come post it over on the Questions side. It'll still make it to popular, and everyone can have the laugh, without cluttering up the space for Deals.

On the other hand, you made the excellent Energizer Trojan post, so I am kindly disposed towards you at the moment (hence my holding back, sort of).

Really good call on the trojan, btw.


@shrdlu: That's a great idea.

Which is kind of annoying, because now I'm not allowed to retort. Or, to paraphrase, you've ran rings around me logically.

hangs head in defeat


Thank you to all who have weighed in on this matter so far. I really do appreciate your thoughts although I must admit it appears as though there is not a decisive lean at the moment, so I remain unsure as to how to procede in posting deals that are not slap-you-in-the-face obvious. Also, I find it interesting that everyone who posted so far (me aside) has an extremely high reputation. Perhaps those who feel confident throwing their thoughts around as comments to products don't feel the same confidence when stacked against some of the towers of reputations on deals.woot. Or, perhaps they have not yet seen this question and therefore have not yet joined the debate. I'm still curious to know what other think on the issue, but I'd still also like to know, is there an official stance on the issue? Or will it indefinitely remain an issue of personal opinion?


@flappysquirrel: My guess would be that since you are asking for opinions that Deals.woot won't take an official stand on this. That may halt the discussion. They appear willing to let Deals evolve and grow on it's own.


@flappysquirrel: Far more people are willing to comment on random deals, partly because they feel anonymous. Posting over on AtW is less so. In addition, while some people have learned to browse the Fresh tab on Deals, vanishly few venture onto the Fresh tab on this side, and even fewer or willing to enter into any debate that has the potential to be contentious.

It also (AtW) has an ebb and flow as new people come in, become acclimated, and others drift away. Believe it or not, I post much less now than I was. I almost NEVER post on the Deals side, and I used to make comments on both sides, constantly. I think that there are a few who will remain a constant here, but the only reason you're seeing more of me right now is that it's still pretty cold outside, even though it is the beginnings of spring.

It isn't as interesting as it used to be. Some of the better suggestions for improvement have been ignored, while trivialities have won the day (buttons, disappearing reply, etc).


a while back for a corporate presentation I felt compelled to include woot's definition of a deal. I wrote:

Deal • \’dēl\ noun
A product or service available to a subset of its consumers at a below market price for a limited time or limited quantity available

In other words, if everyone is paying the same price for something, an opportunity to do the same is not a deal. If the majority are paying more, and the opportunity is not just a broad market price drop, then that qualifies it as a deal (note - that does not mean it's necessarily the best deal or even a good deal - your "need to have" something is another dynamic to consider altogether)

I didn't really have deals.woot in mind when writing this (it hadn't launched yet) and while I feel good about that definition, I don't know that it means we work our butts off to stop items of entertainment value from being voted up.


I think if it's something you enjoy, and you want to make it visible to others so they can enjoy it as well, then post away. I come here for the oddities as much as the actual deals. This site is a welcome interruption in an otherwise CRAZY and hectic day. I value the members input on things I am actually interested in buying, and I LOVE the goofy crap that I see on here on a regular basis. Is it really SO important that everything be a "deal?"
The best example I can give is the Inigo Montoya shirt I posted yesterday. I absolutely loved the Princess Bride movie, and found that shirt to be hilarious. I wanted to share it with everyone because of it's cleverness. All I saw in the comments was how TERRIBLE the deal was. Now, I'm as guilty as the next of stating something is a bad deal, but come on. When it's obviously in fun, is it really necessary to blast the poster? shrug I think if this site was all serious deals and no fun,interesting,odd stuff, I'd stop coming around.


@claudicina: now see I loved that deal. I am just awful about posting comments on the deals side. I should be better I suppose.


@claudicina: I like @shrdlu's idea of posting funny things that are not deals over on this side instead of cluttering up the fresh and popular tabs with stuff that, while funny, isn't what this site meant to promote.


@anotherhiggins: We have a woot this deal button. I think it would be awesome to categorize said "deal" into another tab. We have Fresh, Popular, and the things that we have posted... Why not allow us to have another tab called Just for Fun? Maybe even have a way that the just for fun items can go into their own "popular" arena? I think that would be awesome.


I LOVE the deals. Recently bought several Corning dishes for just $1.99 each. Just bought a hanging rack for the television for $0 after rebate. LOVE the deals.

However, I also love the unusual stuff that I wouldn't have found on my own. Christmas will have much more diversity this year, because of goodies like this one.

It'll make a fun gift for my mother-in-law. And while it wasn't a stellar deal, I don't know that I'd ever have found it on my own. I'd say I've bought just about as many unusual things at average prices as I have great deals.


You should stop complaining and work for finding your deals.

Companies will post their sites on here everyday. I would too if I were selling anything. It's the way it goes.

Stop crying about it and look harder for the deals you want...


Woot is not a link aggregator. "Interestingness" alone isn't sufficient reason to offer something here.

I assume the "deal" we're talking about here is meant to be synonymous with "bargain", as in "an advantageous purchase". If you're not offering discounted merchandise, what's the advantage?

The minute Woot turns into a social scene rather than a useful website, it no longer becomes worth visiting, and I for one cancel my account.


@highone: To whom are you speaking? All I can tell from your post is that you sound unreasonably angry.


I'm not picking on @catbertthegreat, this is just a perfect example of a non-deal (IMNSHO):

This "deal" consists of:
1) a book that's been out for several years
2) the normal price
3) a price that, while average, can easily be beaten with a 2 second Google search

Yet the deal goes popular? It seems that there are a LOT of wooters who are not critical thinkers when it comes to shopping.

I'd love it if anyone can tell me where my logic is flawed, but to me this deal is no different than a thread that reads:

Subject: Star Wars - Episode IV on DVD for $25.00

Description: Here's a totally great movie that maybe you've never heard of.

Problems with the deal:
- Presumably anyone who's a fan already knows about it
- It's not a good price - Amazon has it for $16.49

I honestly can't fathom why y'all seem to this that's a deal by any definition.


I agree. The deals that arnt deals are almost as bad as the deals that get posted for Tanks, islands, 1 billion caret gems and subscriptions services.. Its not long before we start seeing time shares and penny stocks on here soon.