questionsany other men in the woot community crochet or…


Been awhile since I've done either of those. I've also indulged in embroidery,macrame, and sewing. Kinda think of it, I need to do some sewing over the winter. (I belong to a medieval recreation group and Wal-Mart doesn't sell pre 16th century clothing.)


No, but every time I see Demolition Man I consider learning how.

@woadwarrior: Lightning bolt! Sorry, could not resist.


I have in the past, but I wasn't very good at it. So I stopped.


I crochet hats, but I do cheat a bit- I have this plastic ring that I can put the yarn around to keep the pattern right while I'm getting it started. If I don't use it I usually end up with a tangled mess.

I've never met anyone because of crocheting, but women usually are very happy if I give them hats I made.


in my humble opinion, the harbor freight tool bag does not offset the femininity of a man knitting. i may change my mind if you knit a heavy winter outfit as your last project, put it on, then trek into the woods on foot to kill a bear with nothing more than your knitting needles.


@pinchecat: You have a sadly truncated definition of masculinity and/or manhood. Scotsmen were the first to turn knitting into an industry; I suspect most of them would have batted you flat on your back had you suggested they were effeminate.

Or not.


Nope, but I tie paracord bracelets. Make some pretty cool ones too.


@rprebel: Heh. no prob. Although even our group laughs at those people. LARP'ers are fairly amusing. Ever seen the videos about the Avatar movie LARP'ers? Those people are just strange.


Heck yeah! My now wife, then friend taught me how to crochet. That was my excuse to spend time with her/get to know her before we started dating. Her roommates would make fun of me but I think they were just jealous that I was spending time with her and not them. Since then I have made several hats for myself, this, being the first winter in three years that I have not had a new hat that I made for myself.

When I was younger I would 'play' with my mom's sewing machine, I eventually taught myself how to make game bags for my dad and I when we went moose hunting. Last Christmas I got a sewing machine. My wife has been asked by friends to fix clothing, she hands it to me and says, 'Have fun!' And I do.

As far as it being 'unmanly', I couldn't disagree more.

Glad to know I'm not alone! Great post @75grandville!