questionsi'm looking for blu-ray player software for theā€¦


I use the ulimate or whatever the top version is for PowerDVD and I agree, it inhales louder than a dust buster, especially given that Microsoft makes a darn good media player and that their are plenty of excellent media players out there. I stick with it because I only use it sporadically to watch Blu-Rays, everything else I use WMP 12 and the mountain of codecs I've configured for it.

Try this, I've heard it is better.

Some of the free codec packages, like Shark 007, give partial Blu-Ray capabilities, if you open the root directory of the disc, you can play the individual chapters.

Wish you could buy a Blu-Ray codec from Microsoft. They reportedly said they didn't include Blu-Ray support in W7 because it would have tacked on another $30 to the cost, but I would have paid that as a downloadable add-on.


PowerDVD is very good, but if playing bluray , I perfer to Mac bluray player, like the video quality and few reading errors. Try this for the latest update


The same question, I'm looking for Blu-ray player software. I recently got a copy of Avatar and tried to watch it on my computer, but was told that PowerDVD needed and update in order to play the movie. After the update (the update was from 7.x to 8.x) I still had a problem. Now I was told I needed an update to my video card driver. So I installed the video card driver.....Complicated.

Have you used the other two popular blu ray player software? What do you think of the them? Corel WinDVD Pro 11 VS TotalMedia Theatre 6?