questionsdoes anyone have any predictions about the new…


they'll sell a lot of them?

Hopefully one with a micro sd slot OR one wit more storage than 4gb...


I can't think of any feature that would entice me to replace my 2nd generation kindle that works perfectly fine.

I have his and hers reading lights mounted above my bed for night time reading.


A friend at work was just pointing out that the Kindles can only read Amazon's e-book format, while Nooks and Sony readers etc usually can manage multiple formats. So that's something to consider.

I think the lack of a microSD slot in the Fire really disappointed a lot of Android power-users. But I think Amazon would still prefer to go without it, the better to force users to buy streamable content from them.

But despite all that, I think if they have an e-ink Kindle with a front-lighted screen that would be an easy "buy" for us. We have bed lights too, but it's hard for one of us to sleep while the other has their light on.


Definitely think a larger Kindle Fire will be out. I think it's less to compete with the iPad cause iPad buyers are going to be iPad buyers - you're not going to win that fight. I think it's a platform that sets them up for better movie/TV streaming content as well as newspaper/folios/magazines periodicals, and textbooks. The smaller screen isn't as good for etext books. Yes, the DX will probably get discontinued which is not unexpected since it's been neglected since launch.

I wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of the Kindle Keyboard and in favor of the Touch. And yes, a front lit screen would be nice, too.

I doubt they'd put in a MicroSD card slot because they're all about the Amazon cloud and streaming and that doesn't fit into the model.

One thing I'd like is to be able to change the screensave to whatever I'd like. Maybe Amazon should hook up with a photo hosting site and allow us to use one of our own photos.


@mkentosh: Actually the entry-level Basic and Touch are really affordable if all you want is an e-reader.

@first2summit: Agree on most of your points. I don't want to have to hack my tablet in order to customize things like the screensaver.


ACCESS to the ENTIRE android market (Google Play). What's up with that AMAZON.


@gthuffines: Kindle Fire's really not too different than the iPad - both walled gardens. Things are great but in their worlds whether it's Jobs' or Bezos'.


I like my 3rd gen keyboard kindle just fine for my e-reader needs. I may look into the new Kindle Fire if it has decent performance as a tablet.


A larger Kindle Fire would be nice, especially if it has a micro SD slot. Streaming doesn't work well in this part of the country. :(


color e-ink would be nice.

I'm pretty happy with my kindle fire but yeah, more storage space or an sd slot would be swell.

Maybe hdmi out? Would be nice if my kindle was a netflix box as well.

I could see them doing a 10 inch kindle fire, maybe. The 7 inch sells so well though, maybe they won't.

It would be nice if the next one has a few buttons. The lack of buttons can be irksome.


And Google Play isn't a walled garden? Please. We are at the point now with mobile device markets where we were with desktop computer file formats in the mid-90's before linux was mass-marketable and open and cross platform applications were bandied about as the next big thing.

The goal now is to create a device with built in obsolescence (no replaceable parts like batteries and screens), no upgrade path (must buy new model for new features) and no 3rd party expandability (iCloud/Amazon Cloud/Google Drive and no sd slot).

It's obscene and every PTB managing these companies should be ashamed of themselves. /soapbox