questionsare you tired of movie trailers ruining theā€¦


I don't think so. Granted, you can learn a lot about a movie from the trailer, but it isn't everything. A lot of trailer mistakes IMO are that they either try to make the movie something it isn't really (like making a romantic comedy seem 50/50 in the comedy and romance when it's 75% romance and 25% comedy) or making movies with too little good stuff, so it all gets shown in the trailer. But then, there are movies that do it right, by not really leading you on, not letting you think that you'll get one thing when you wind up getting another, and by having enough substance throughout so the trailer just doesn't cover it, leaving you wanting more. The problem isn't the trailers. The problem is that the a great deal of movies nowadays are crap with no real substance, so you get the exact same amount of entertainment from the trailer that you do from the movie in its entirety.


It drives me crazy. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a trailer that I feel ruined what would have been a surprising moment if I hadn't already seen it. Of course most of the time you don't realize it during the trailer, but when you see the actual film you have an "ah-ha" moment knowing what is about to happen. Without going into specifics, the Prometheus trailer did this and it really was a let down when I went to see the movie, knowing what was going to happen in some parts.... rant over...


Yes, I don't like when trailers are long and give away most of the movie. Sometimes they put the funniest scene or best moment in the trailer. Show me enough to get the idea of the movie and to pull me in but don't make it a Readers Digest version of the whole movie.

On the other hand, I don't like trailers that show too little about the movie or what it is about. Example: People Like Us. Even when one of the actresses went on a talk show and showed a clip it was confusing.

One movie that I'd like to see: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


Ok, the trailer for the movie "Kick-Ass" was done to make you think one thing and the story is a different twist...I loved that!

@tarsadies, Prometheus was ruined for me too because the trailer covered all the good scenes.

I've heard from my friends that the "Hangover 1 & 2" trailers showed way too much (I never saw the trailers for one reason or another, so I'm sure I'll like the movies when I get around to seeing them)

At this point, hubby and I look down, cover our ears, or change the channel when a trailer is being shown for a greatly anticipated film. (had no idea that Prometheus was an Alien prequel or else we would have looked away).


Yes! Generally, to combat this, I don't watch trailers.


Spoiler Alert: My response ends in agreement.


When there is a movie that I know I am going to see I do not watch anything. When a ad comes on the TV I change the channel or mute and look away. It is frustrating with how much is shown which ruins the movie watching experience IMO. Action movies show you how the story will play out and comedies show the best joke 500 times so by the time you see it in context you no longer find it funny.

The major issue is the over advertising that is done. Seeing an ad once or twice you hardly pick up on thing but when it is shown every commercial break on most channels it turns me off in the end.


You will never get away from it. So many movies today the ONLY good parts are what end up in the trailers - or no one would ever get lured in to see the movie.


I do not watch preview, and I dvr movies over a month before I watch them in hopes I will not remember the quick blurb about the movie.

Spoiler alert for Signs.
Example why you should not either: I got a pleasant startle when I saw Signs, because I thought the aliens were a government hoax.I had no ideal it was an actual alien movie.


What are you talking about? That trailer clearly reveals the fact that velociraptors can open doors. Not only does that ruin the movie, but it ruins doors.

I wonder if this isn't a directorial problem, but I don't know how much input most directors have on the editing of their trailers. Spielberg certainly seems like the type to still have trailers like this if he does have control over it, but I don't know that I've seen any trailers for his recent movies, so I couldn't say.

I know that I've seen trailers for comedies that featured 90% of the funniest material from the actual movie in them, but this hasn't happened as often as it would seem. I can't recall any specific instance with action movies like you describe. The trailer that I still remember strongest is the Return of the King trailer, which granted was a decade ago, but a contemporary of Spiderman at least, and it revealed just enough to entice, not enough to spoil, not even with the snippets of a big speech near the end.


How about trailers like the ones for Godzilla and King Kong that have scenes that weren't in the movie?


Years (lots of years, actually) ago, I went to see a sneak preview of a movie by an up and coming director. He had a couple of movies that had been box office smashes. This movie was being billed as (sort of) a sequel to one of his earlier films, although it sounded like it had the potential to be kind of stupid. Since it was a preview screening, there hadn't been any real hype surrounding it yet. It was free, though, so I went to see it anyway.

The movie (which, early on, some were thinking was a sequel to Close Encounters) was E.T. And, although, I have seen a lot of amazing movies since, I haven't had another experience anything like that. To enter a movie without any preconceptions of what you are in store for, and then to be blown away like that, was simply amazing.

I wish it were possible for a movie to sneak up on me like that again.